Market Trends Report 

 Innovative business technologies in a converging world: 

 Outlook, opportunities and obstacles 

Innovative business technologies

"Initially, incumbents tend to dismiss challengers, and if they feel threatened they tend to play down the threat, it is human nature... but you can't suppress innovation"


Integral to success, or indeed survival, of any company operating in the financial services industry is the ability to understand, assess and act on risk analysis.

Caroline Boyd
Caroline Boyd 
Director of Research and Strategy

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Welcome to our first Market Trends Report.This report investigates the notion of converging business technologies, and examines why interconnectedness is such a key theme in today's business landscape.


In order to run our organisations as effectively and with as much scope for innovation as possible, we require people, departments, organisations and technologies to seamlessly interact with one another. Our clamour for interconnectedness is driving convergence. The latest emerging tools at our disposal are increasingly required to be interlinked and interoperable, if their full potential is to be realised.


In an increasingly interconnected world, it is clear that 'converge' is a concept that everyone must now embrace. This report will highlight how technologies are converging at a much faster rate and to a much higher degree than they have ever before. And although increasing numbers of people from business functions are beginning to understand the value of business-enabling technologies and are starting to engage with them, there are risks attached viewing them in isolation.


This report will showcase two leading enterprises and how they have adapted to the digital economy, and effectively converged marketing and IT to be more accountable.


We hope you find this report engaging and informative, and that it provides you with inspiration and benchmarking material to help you succeed with a varied portfolio of technologies.