on 14-Sep-2023 17:57:45 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments |
I can't believe it's been over a week since AI LIVE 2023 took place, marking the culmination of our incredible AI Impact Series! Thank you so much to all the members, speakers and partners who came together for a fantastic day of panels, presentations, interviews, roundtable discussions and of course networking. The day was filled with lively and thought provoking discussions covering topics ranging from evaluating the business impact of AI to identifying AI opportunities at your organisation, and exploring the art of the possible.
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Chief Disruptor LIVE May 2023 Recap

on 24-May-2023 10:43:23 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Event reports
Chief Disruptor LIVE returned for its 9th Edition last week at The May Fair Hotel in London. Members, partners and speakers converged for a day of keynotes, interviews, panels, roundtable discussions and networking. We discussed and debated the next stages of digital transformation, purpose-driven disruption and innovation in 2023, driving more data-driven decision-making, the evolving ‘people’ challenge and the small topic of Artificial Intelligence. Join me as we reflect upon four key takeaways from a jam-packed Chief Disruptor LIVE:
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Paths for Future-Ready Businesses: Unlocking ESG Strategies to Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity

on 26-Apr-2023 11:32:41 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates
Are business leaders seriously jeopardising the legacy of their business for short-term gain? How can business leaders achieve their ESG commitments cost-effectively? What pathways and dependencies enable businesses to grow and not simply defend in ESG? And given the current macroeconomic environment, where are the successes for us to learn from?
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Industry Insight Blog Series - Financial Services

on 30-Mar-2023 09:07:44 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates
CONTENTS 2023: A Challenge or an Opportunity for Financial Services? Financial services perceive more risk than other Industries Financial Services Strategy in 2023 Financial Services Mindset in 2023 Financial Services Technology in 2023 What have we learnt from the Chief Disruptor Community?
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The Army’s Digital Transformation: A Review and Commentary on THEIA Conference

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Leading for profit and purpose. Driving agile and ethical business growth.

on 03-Feb-2023 14:55:48 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership Event reports
How are C-level technology and information leaders navigating increasingly choppy and murky waters? Is a new playbook emerging for demonstrating top-and-bottom-line benefits from technology investments? And what new paradigms are developing to balance profitability with purpose?
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Chief Disruptor Re-signs the Armed Forces Covenant

on 27-Jan-2023 15:19:52 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates
On Wednesday 25 January 2023, Chief Disruptor held the British Army Digital Transformation Conference at the Cavalry and Guards Club. The conference, attended by Chief Disruptor members, the British Army, as well as technology leaders from across Defence, focused on the Army’s Digital Transformation Programme (Programme THEIA).
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Collaborating on the Race to Net Zero

on 09-Dec-2022 10:48:48 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership Event reports
How can CIOs stay on the path to net zero while also dealing with market volatilities, digital transformation, and rising inflationary pressures?
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Welcome Chief Disruptors

on 02-Aug-2022 10:51:28 By | Emma Taylor | 0 Comments | Event reports
Since 2005, Nimbus Ninety has brought together innovators, change-makers, and disruptive thinkers to share expertise, actionable insight and strategies. In that time, we’ve helped our members unravel some of the knottiest disruptive challenges facing organisations today; from disruptive business models and mindsets to the emerging technologies shaping how we live and work. Our purpose has always been to cut through the hype and enable our members to leverage these disruptive trends and technologies through our member-led insight reports, content and community activities. This year we’ve taken the bold step of changing the name of the Nimbus Ninety community to Chief Disruptor and we want to share with you the reasons why.
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Driving the Evolution of the Data Economy

on 18-Jul-2022 14:08:33 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Event reports
More than ever, the spotlight is on organisations and how they acquire, use and leverage their data. From banking to retail to sports, maximising the value of data is a fundamental tenet of business strategies and operating models. In fact, a recent National Bureau of Economic Research study suggested that digital capital, such as data, makes up 25% of a firm’s value on average. So what are the secrets to unlocking the value of data? Nimbus Ninety, in partnership with Oracle, brought together technology and data experts to connect, share challenges and opportunities and offer up actionable insights from data-driven businesses.
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