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In partnership with Cognizant and AWS we are delighted to launch an interview with forward-thinking business leaders ready to take meaningful action in the face of climate change and resource reduction.

As businesses navigate the urgent imperative to decarbonise and drive sustainability efforts, traditional transformation approaches no longer suffice. Instead, a fundamental shift in strategy is required to encompass a wider ecosystem of internal and external stakeholders – from partners and suppliers to consumers.

However, despite the growing momentum towards reaching sustainability goals, many business leaders grapple with the practicalities of translating their aspirations into tangible results. What strategies can businesses employ to reimagine products, services and behaviours for sustainable growth? And how can data and technology be leveraged effectively to address environmental challenges across the supply chain?

We brought together senior leaders to discuss influencing stakeholder behaviour to supercharge ESG strategies. In this episode, we explored:

  • What the next phase of sustainability looks like
  • Why collaboration with stakeholders is essential for business sustainability
  • The most effective ways to influence stakeholders’ behaviour

Alex AliniaAlex Alinia

Data & Digital Innovations Lead New Energies, Shell

James WehnerJames Wehner

CX and UX Expert

UserFi Morgan
Chief Purpose Officer, SailGP

 UserNick Williams

Procuremet Transformation Expert

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