Chief Disruptor LIVE June 2024

Speed and agility are vital to competitive advantage in this fast-moving, uncertain and volatile operating environment. The unpredictability of the future, or even the here and now, demands a versatile approach, and leaders need to be able to adjust their plans quickly as the environment changes or as capabilities become clearer. In fact, We have adopted agile planning processes so that we can adapt and pivot rapidly’ is the number one approach to planning according to the 2024 Chief Disruptor Disruptive Trends survey. And tellingly, ‘speed of decision making’ is also identified in the same survey as one of the biggest factors preventing respondents from achieving their business transformation objectives. How swiftly you can harness new and existing data to make decisions and pivot to take advantage of that insight will be fundamental to capturing competitive advantage.

To stay ahead of the competition, leaders will need to anticipate a wide range of possible futures, crafting adaptable strategies tailored for a variety of scenarios, enabling them to pivot adeptly when a speculative future becomes reality. AI-powered tools are increasingly helping leaders unlock unprecedented customer insight, helping to shape, customise and optimise the customer experience. But to be able to capture new opportunities as they arise, it’s essential to re-envision how data is viewed and used in alignment with organisational goals and objectives, and to create a data insights strategy. Data agility is also increasingly a key business capability, as the pace of change, data volumes and complexity increases. Organisations that achieve genuine data agility will be able to make simple, powerful and immediate changes to how information is interpreted and acted on. 

Technology is enabling unprecedented levels of business agility and revolutionising the way businesses operate; from automation tools that streamline business processes to cloud solutions that drive scalability and flexibility. Big data analytics are also widely used to help organisations be responsive to changes in the marketplace and to facilitate quick decision-making. More recently, organisations are increasingly using AI-powered tools to help them analyse vast amounts of data, uncover strategic insights and make more timely and informed decisions. As Generative AI chatbots become ubiquitous in our daily lives, harnessing the potential of Generative AI is rapidly becoming a huge priority for the Board in their search for business value and competitive advantage.  

Customer centricity is also fundamental for competitive advantage. A customer-centric mindset and culture enables organisations to quickly evolve products and services to meet rapidly changing needs and preferences. And it enables leaders to make better decisions, based on a much deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviours and motivations.

Business leaders will play a crucial role in helping organisations build business agility, by implementing programmes that support change and take advantage of new opportunities. So what are the leadership skills and capabilities that will inspire and foster new mindsets that will be fundamental to transforming teams, and the organisation? How should leaders help teams work in new and more versatile ways that encourage trust, collaboration and accountability? How should leaders organise to reduce complexity and streamline decision-making?

Join us at Chief Disruptor LIVE on Thursday 20 June 2024 in London to discuss the latest strategies and technologies that will enable you to pivot and capture competitive advantage in a fast-moving, volatile operating environment.

Lee Pentecost

Group Head of Architecture at

Christine Elliot

Chair, The Health and Care Professions Council; Director, IOPC; Interim Chair, Personal Finance Society; Chair, Sonas Group (Wellbeing at Work); Executive Mentor, The ExCo Group, The Health and Care Professions Council

Lee Bojczuk

Senior Service Designer, Kingfisher

Brandie Deignan

CEO in NHS Primary Health Care and Chief Disruptor Members' Advisory Board member


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