Lead, Drive, and Sustain Your Lasting Digital Transformation
Tuesday 18 October 2022 ︱London

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In the last two years, we have seen digital transformation accelerated by years. But now, organisations previously buoyed by a clear purpose, reduced red tape and bureaucracy, fast tracked decision-making, agile working and rapid technological implementation are facing new challenges. So, how can organisations sustain the momentum of their accelerated digital transformation initiatives?

Join us at Chief Disruptor LIVE Autumn 2022 to explore the disruptive strategies, mindsets and technologies that will help your organisation accelerate and sustain lasting digital transformation.

Hear from well-known startups and disruptive challenger brands alongside established brands to discuss how they are reimagining business strategies, putting people and culture first, and redesigning business processes to ensure their organisations continue to adapt, innovate and transform.


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Deep-dive into topics that will help your organisation accelerate and sustain lasting digital transformation.


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Hear from cross-industry thought leaders who are redefining disruption.



Meet the C-level/C-1 disruptors and innovators responsible for driving and creating change.



Get involved and help our members lead, drive and sustain their digital transformation.


Through keynotes, interviews, panels, networking and masterclasses, get up to speed and ahead of the latest disruptive trends and technologies such as Web 3, metaverse and AI, and explore how they will impact your business. Consider the wants, needs and behaviours of your current and future customers, future-proof your increasingly distributed technology architecture, move your organisation towards a disruptive culture and so much more.

The Disruptive Frame of Mind
Create a culture that fosters innovation, collaboration and experimentation. Our morning theme highlights how to win the race for transformational, game-changing mind-sets. 

Future Proofing Your Technology Architecture
Given the rapidly changing digital landscape, realising the benefits of transformation in a safe and secure way is key. From automation to cloud to legacy migrations, hear how to sustainably transform your technology architecture from a cost to a revenue generator. 

Reimagining the World of Work
Hybrid working, new ideas around productivity, a focus on health and well-being, and so much more; we are in The Future of Work. So what’s next? Open your mind to new ways of thinking, working and leading. 

Planning for Web 3.0 and the metaverse
As with any disruptive technology, lucrative opportunities in Web 3.0 and the metaverse lie waiting for those companies willing to take a risk.
Understanding the technology, building concrete, purposeful business cases, and evaluating the impact it will have on your sector is key. 

Optimising Your Data and Analytics
Complex and evolving business environments mean fast, accurate and relevant decision making is ever more important. To match the pace of change, hear from a range of organisations that are combining data and analytics strategies, technology and leadership around digital transformation.  

A Focus on Customer-Centric Innovation
Seamless, secure and personalised customer journeys are a key differentiator in the battle for customer loyalty, trust and engagement. Explore and identify the keys to developing a customer experience strategy for the future. 

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Previous Speakers

Ben Dias

Ben Dias

Director of Data Science and Analytics, easyJet

Caroline G

Caroline Gorski

CEO, R2 Data Labs, Rolls-Royce

Tom Kegode

Tom Kegode

Work: Lab Lead, Lloyds Banking Group

Gill McNeill

Gill McNeill

Head of People Services, Virgin Money

You'll hear from experts on how to:

  • Develop strategies that put digital transformation at the forefront of your business strategy

  • Create a disruptive culture and workforce; be bold, brave and prepared to fail

  • Develop products, experiences and journeys that engage and delight not only your current customers but also your customers of the future

  • Evaluate the impact of current and future disruptive trends and technologies including AI, Web 3.0 and the metaverse on your business 

  • Build a data-centric strategy and culture that supports your digital strategy
  • Design a technology roadmap that anticipates and realises current and future business needs in a safe and secure manner
  • Navigate the challenges of the future of work: recruitment, retention, sustainability and technology
  • Measure and monitor to streamline and sustain your digital transformation programme

Meet the Experts