Unravel Data

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Company Overview

At Unravel, we think big data can do better, and we’re here to help it along. By radically simplifying the way you do data operations, we’re ensuring big data lives up to your expectations—both today and tomorrow.

Product/Solution/Service Offering

With full-stack observability and AI-powered recommendations for every big data ecosystem and cloud platform, Unravel helps you monitor, manage, and troubleshoot data pipelines, optimizing performance across all your systems.


Intel︱Adobe︱Deutsche Bank︱Equifax︱Kaiser Permanente︱Neustar︱Microsoft︱NCR︱United︱Telus︱BT︱HSBC︱COX Automotive︱Credit Suisse︱Kimberly-Clark︱NatWest Group



"We had a really hard time understanding all of the workloads that were running on-premises and figuring out how to get those workloads into the cloud. Unravel helped us uncover the insights that we need . . . to help us plan our migration into the cloud.” – Kevin Davis, Application Engineering Manager, Adobe

“One thing that Unravel’s really great at is pointing out to you the things that were actually causing the most pain and suffering.” – Jeff Lambert, VP of Data Solutions, 84.51°/Kroger

“Unravel gives us a lot of visibility into . . . all this kind of stuff that we really struggle to get ourselves and to build ourselves.” – James Fielder, Senior Data Engineer, Cox Automotive