Partnership Opportunities

Maximise lead generation and accelerate business relationships.

Support our community of disruptive business and tech leaders

Work with us to understand the real challenges that each and every one of our members face and how you can help them accelerate their transformational journey.

Since 2005, we have built many long-lasting relationships with our associate members and enabled them to foster relationships with our members. Our offering is extensive and malleable to every partner's needs. It includes independent research and reports, summits and more intimate events, thought leadership and creative services, through to finding the right individuals to have a business conversation with.


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Webinars and Webcasts

Topics can include:
infrastructure innovation I metaverse and web 3 I cloud I data analytics and strategy I customer experience I innovation I sustainability I business ecosystems I defence and security

Event Production and Management

programme development I promotion I delegate recruitment and care I campaign management I venue finding

Independent Research and Reports

Topics can include:
disruptive innovation I digital transformation I data strategy I software development I business model reinvention I business ecosystems I agile & lean methodologies I customer experience I consumer trends I cloud I infrastructure I cybersecurity I marketing I automation I blockchain I sustainability I diversity I defence and security

Creative Services

Topics can include:
video production I infographics I case study writing I blogs  I thought leadership I articles I ghost-writing I data visualisations I speaker provision I event and product coverage and PR

Companies that have partnered with us

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