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A series exploring what's shaping flexible working

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Flexible, remote and hybrid working models are now a trend no business can ignore. But while large corporates are making a splash in the press to announce freshly formed flexible working strategies, what approach are small and medium sized businesses taking? 

In this series, we speak to thought leaders from innovative SMBs to find out. Over the course of six episodes, we deep-drive with leaders who are rewriting the rules on work. We’ve focussed our conversations around real-world experiences and tangible take-aways. Which will help you, your teams and your business not only survive, but thrive with a flexible-first approach. 

Each episode explores flexible work from a unique vantage point - we’ve got perspectives from working parents, chief technology officers, business owners and digital nomads. And we haven’t shied away from the burning questions and big debates. All this will equip you with novel insights and a holistic view of what works in the world of flexible work. 



Episode 1: I.T. Big Brother: Support or Supervision
Empowering employees to work from anywhere, any way and on any device

  • Work-hacks: Exploring if and why I.T. leaders are perceived as good or bad cops in a remote working world. 
  • For employees prone to burnout or boreout - should employers use tech to track their activity from afar?
  • You’re on mute: The modern tech tools empowering employees to smoothly flex their working life.
Jason MaudeJason Maude
Chief Technology
Starling Bank
Joe WalshJoe Walsh
Director Product Marketing,

Episode 2: Enabling Disruptive Minds to Meet
The Maverick business leaders rewriting the rules on work

  • The remote-first SMBs changing industry norms and delighting customers
  • Effectively bringing business together from anywhere 
  • Pivot, scale, grow: taking the next crucial step as a remote-first business leader 
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Simon Mellin
CEO, The Modern Milkman


Paul Trotter
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Atom Bank


Jen Brown
Senior Director
EMEA Marketing, GoTo


Episode 3: Employer Goals, Tech Enablers and the Talent Wars 
Embracing flexible, hybrid working and empowering employees to work from anywhere

  • Exploring how traditional industries can adapt to flexible working
  • Considering what the tech industry is doing to make the sector more diverse and inclusive
  • Building tech stacks that maintain essential connections remotely
Matthew Randall Head of Software Development and Integration, Aston Martin Lagonda

Matthew Randall
Head of Software Development and Integration, Aston Martin Lagonda

Episode 4: Flexible Working as a Founder and a Parent  
The Evolution of How, When and Why We Work

  • Flexible working from the vantage point of working parents
  • Disrupting a market and becoming a founder
  • Achieving the elusive work/life balance
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Laura Rosenberger
Co-founder, Laylo

Episode 5: Flexible Working and Employee Wellbeing  
Exploring The Link Between Employee Wellbeing, Productivity and Flexibility

  • Blazing a new path for employee wellness and flexible working
  • Exploring the new world of work and the future of how, when and why we work
  • Linking employee wellbeing, productivity and flexibility
Candice Schafaer

Dr Candice Schaefer
Head of Employee Health & Performance at Spring Health and Former Global Head of Employee Wellness, Twitter