Navigating Uncertainty: Driving business value now whilst innovating for future growth
18 May 2023︱The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT, UK 

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If there is anything the last 3 years has highlighted, it is that the only certainty is uncertainty itself. Lasting economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological disruptions have redefined the business environment, and this ‘new norm’ is perhaps best summed up by the Collins Dictionary Word of the Year 2022, ‘permacrisis’. 

For organisations, this new context has emphasised the need to build resilience and adaptability, accelerate digital transformation initiatives and embrace disruption as a catalyst for opportunity. But now, with added economic pressures, the stakes have been raised once again.

In order to navigate this uncertain and competitive environment, business and technology leaders face a difficult balancing act. How do they deliver efficiencies, productivity and growth in the short term, whilst also innovating and experimenting with the disruptive trends and technologies that enable long-term growth?

Our members joined us at Chief Disruptor LIVE May 2023, Navigating Uncertainty: Driving business value now whilst innovating for future growth, and heard from senior leaders from across startups, scaleups, enterprise and the public sector on how to transform strategies, mindsets and technologies now whilst also leveraging cost-effective disruptive technologies, innovation and experimentation in the future.



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We explored topics that help their organisation drive business value now whilst innovating for future growth.


We heard from cross-industry thought leaders who are redefining disruption.


We were joined by C-level/C-1 disruptors and innovators responsible for driving and creating change.


Our partners equiped our members to navigate this uncertain and competitive environment, business and technology leaders face a difficult balancing act.



Unlocking Hidden Value from Technology

In this cost-saving and uncertain environment, realising technology-enabled productivity, resilience and security provides an invaluable competitive edge. But to unlock the potential of technology and drive digital transformation, leaders must make strategic decisions to optimise.

Innovation and Experimentation in 2023

In the last 3 years, innovating and experimenting with a clear vision, in terms of strategy, mindset and technology, has enabled organisations to navigate disruption. In 2023, understanding what innovation and experimentation mean to your organisation is key.

Delivering Competitive Advantage through Data-Driven Insights

During uncertainty, data is no longer ‘collected for the sake of it’. Having the right data at the right time has become a competitive advantage; capable of driving productivity and innovation within operations and processes and propelling organisations towards growth and delivering results now.

How to Delight and Retain Your Customers

Customer experience is becoming increasingly complex; it must be seamless, secure, personalised, consistent and omnichannel to name a few. Making sense of this, at a time when customer loyalty, trust and engagement are key, is a fundamental task for technology leaders.

The Role of Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technologies will transform industries. But right now, organisations are often limited by budget and risk. Before making any decision, business leaders must understand the technology, explore fruitful business cases and evaluate the impact it will have on their sector. 

Putting People at the Centre of Your World

The challenges of hybrid working, recruitment and retention are well documented. But to compete, organisations need an innovative workforce driven by diverse thinking, disruption mindsets, engaged leadership and clear purpose. How we deliver this demands new approaches, accountability and leaders.

We heard from experts on how to:

  • Evaluate the impact of sustained economic, geopolitical, environmental and technological disruption, on your organisation.
  • Adapt and flex your business to meet the contemporary nature of uncertainty.
  • Embed sustainability within your business transformation and decision making.
  • Design a cost-effective technology roadmap to anticipate current and future business needs.
  • Build a business case for ring-fencing tech and innovation budgets in a cost optimisation environment.
  • Optimise business processes by leveraging the latest cloud capabilities
  • Drive productivity, innovation and competitive advantage through real-time data-driven insights
  • Deliver sustainable efficiencies through optimising AI and automation initiatives
  • Secure highly distributed, complex and risky digital environments 

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Speakers include:

Kabir Patel-1-1

Kabir Patel

Global Head of Finance IT and Transformation, AstraZeneca


Tara Waters

Chief Digital Officer, Ashurst

Brandie Deignan-1

Brandie Deignan

CEO, Pier Health Group

Jamie Crummie September 2021-1

Jamie Crummie

Co-Founder, Too Good To Go


Patricia Haynes

VP of Technology Operations and Delivery, Zopa


Neil Turner

Chief Technology Officer, GoCardless

Rikesh Shah-1-1

Rikesh Shah

Former Head of Open Innovation, Transport for London (TfL)


Matthew Randall

Head of Software Development and Integration, Aston Martin Lagonda

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