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In person

Leading For Purpose and Profit

Driving agile and ethical business growth

31 January 2023 6:00 PM

Virtual Roundtable

Harnessing Your People to Drive and Accelerate Digital Transformation

Empower people with a disruptive mindset to become drivers of innovation and productivity improvement in their own roles.

10 February 2023 8:45 AM

In person

Disruptive Trends LIVE 2023

Leading Edge Insights to Future-Proof Your Organisation For 2023 And Beyond.

22 February 2023 8:15 AM


Reserve Forces 2030 Webinar

Join us to explore the RF30 vision, and the role of the RF30 team in realising that vision by 2030.

23 February 2023 6:30 PM

In person

Chief Disruptor Spring Connector

Failure as a Catalyst for Disruption (or more failure?)

7 March 2023 6:00 PM

In person

Expectations Vs Reality: Bridging the Gap in Information Risk Management

Exploring Insights, Experiences and Emerging Views from Senior Leaders

14 March 2023 8:15 AM

Virtual Roundtable

Leading Through Uncertainty

Leaders must embrace a disruption strategy and mindset to meet uncertainty head-on!

17 March 2023 8:45 AM

Virtual Roundtable

Leveraging Automation to Drive Business Performance

Develop and refine your automation roadmap to ensure you achieve your automation objectives.

24 March 2023 8:45 AM

In person

Chief Disruptor LIVE May 2023

Navigating Uncertainty: Driving business value now whilst innovating for future growth

18 May 2023 8:30 AM