Harnessing the Power of AI

Friday 22 November 2024 │ 08:45-10:00 GMT │ Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club (Virtual)

Organisations around the world, across a wide range of industry sectors are implementing AI in a variety of ways to streamline processes, optimise costs, prevent human error, help customers and manage IT systems. And with the rise of generative AI, these use cases will only continue to expand and redefine the way we live and work.

So how should organisations identify the areas of low-hanging fruit, ripe for AI? How do you set up a pilot project, and who needs to be part of the team to ensure success? How do you scale successful projects to leverage the full potential of AI? And importantly, how do you bring people with you on the journey?

Join us for a fireside chat and deep dive breakout discussion and that cuts through the hype around AI,  focusing on use cases and what you need to do now to get started and to maximise business impact from AI tools. 


08:50 Fireside chat:

  • What are the main use cases for AI? 
  • Where might organisations get the most value from AI? 
  • How are organisations using the latest AI forecasting tools for competitive advantage?
  • What do organisations need to consider in order to harness the power of AI? 
  • What about metrics for your AI deployment?
  • How do you successfully scale an AI project to truly harness the benefits responsibly?

09:05 Virtual roundtable discussion questions: 

  • What are your current use cases for AI?
  • Who should be driving AI in the business?
  • What are the issues preventing you from harnessing the full potential of AI?
  • What is the best organisational methodology to maximise the power of AI? 
  • What are the creative ways you have filled any AI skills gaps?
  • How do you make sure your data is ready for generative AI?
  • How do you ensure that you are engaging people on the AI transformation journey?

09:45 Next steps and key takeaways

10:00 Close 


This is a private event for Full Members of our community. Membership is free and is open to all those who have a professional or academic interest in business leadership and disruption, or the capability to support our Full Members through their business transformation.