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Are we allowed to be optimistic about 2021?

There is no doubt that 2020 has dragged the globe through a series of extremes. Widespread economic turmoil amid the global health crisis has left most sectors damaged, some beyond repair. As we approach the new year, headwinds from Brexit and the need to navigate a new work reality will pose fresh obstacles to today’s business. Yet, the hope of a covid-19 vaccine and political developments in the US have sparked tentative optimism in the stock markets and beyond.

Business leaders sit at the nexus of change: the real challenge of the new year will be realising the hopes of 2020 amongst the hurdles of 2021. The question is, how can businesses, governments and nations lay out the path towards recovery and collective growth? 

In a new two-part series, our expert panels will address where businesses will need to focus in 2021 alongside the big picture changes that are fundamentally transforming the world we live in. 


tuesday 15 december 2020  |  13:15 - 14:00 GMT  |  webinar series

Episode 1: Beyond Business: The Path to Collective Recovery

In economies hit hard by the pandemic and ever-increasing potential for climate catastrophe, cooperation across organisations, industries and nations will be central to recovery – but by no means an easy feat. We explore the key actors and frameworks that will enable collective action against global challenges.

Key topics for this panel discussion include: 

  • What are the macroeconomic trends that will define 2021?
  • What will a collaborative path to recovery look like?
  • What will be the major challenges to operating collectively across nations? How can those be overcome?

Caroline Gorski, Director of R2 Data Labs, Rolls-Royce
Mark Cliffe, Global Head of the New Horizons Hub, ING Bank

Chief Disruptor Insights, Series 1, Episode 1
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tuesday 12 january 2021  |  13:15 - 14:00 GMT  |  webinar series

Episode 2: lessons for the year ahead

Looking back at organisations’ responses to the pandemic and challenges of 2020 can help leaders plan strategically for 2021. For leaders, it is vital at the moment to define priorities and lay out the path to recovery. We will examine the key lessons from 2020 and apply them to business priorities for 2021.

Key topics for this panel discussion include: 

  • What lessons have we learnt from 2020?
  • What are the major priorities for businesses in 2021?
  • What will be the key requirements for executives leading the way to recovery?

Lori Beck, Former VP Consumer Insight, COTY

Neil Roberts, Chief Product Officer, Papier

Chief Disruptor Insights, Series 1, Episode 2
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