Deliver Highly Connected and Personalised Experiences

Wednesday 11 December 2024 │ 13:00-14:00 GMT │ Chief Disruptor Forum (Virtual)

Customer experience is the battleground for competitive advantage. In a highly interconnected world, with the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IOT) and rapid developments in AI, consumers have come to expect seamless digital interactions in their daily lives. Alongside these developments, a growing interest in immersive experiences and Augmented Reality (AR) is blurring physical and digital experiences, creating new challenges and opportunities to engage consumers. 

However, delivering personalised and connected experiences at scale is challenging and many organisations struggle with data quality and integration issues such as data silos, duplication or outdatedness. And with the proliferation of AI there are additional concerns about data privacy and ethics. 

Join us on 11 December at our interactive webinar, ’Deliver Highly Connected and Personalised Experiences’, to get up to speed on the latest best practice on personalisation and connected experiences, and to learn how to solve common customer experience challenges. 


13:00 Welcome and introduction

13:05 Guest speakers to cover:

  • The latest customer expectations and the forces influencing customer behaviour
  • Why personalisation is such a powerful tool for competitive advantage
  • Getting back to business goals for connectivity and personalisation
  • Understanding how the latest advancements in AI are enabling hyper-personalisation
  • Enabling ethical AI customer experience 
  • Exploring the challenges of delivering connected and personalised experiences at scale
  • Strategies to overcome these challenges
  • Understanding the most effective ways to measure success and ensure ROI

13:35 Audience Q&A

13:50 Summary and next steps from the panel

14:00 Close


This is a private event for all members of our community. Membership is free and is open to all those who have a professional or academic interest in business leadership and disruption, or the capability to support our Full Members through their business transformation.