Lead, Drive, and Sustain Your Lasting Digital Transformation
Tuesday 18 October 2022 ︱The May Fair Hotel, Stratton Street, London W1J 8LT, UK

Lead Lead   Drive Drive   Sustain Sustain Your Digital Transformation

Headline Session

The national and international socioeconomic and political environment signals yet another big shift for technology and business leaders. Pressures and challenges threaten digital transformation projects and digital innovation capabilities. So how can organisations sustain the momentum of their accelerated digital transformation initiatives?

Our headline keynote, from the interface between business, academia, funders and government, will explore how we can reframe pressures and challenges as an opportunity for innovation at individual, organisational and industry levels. This session aims to equip you with the knowledge and insights to refuel your digital transformation initiatives and allow your organisation to thrive in the changing business landscape.

Naomi Weir, Programme Director - Innovation, CBI

Today's business environment is mounting pressure on senior information, security and technology leaders to develop digital transformation strategies that deliver business value from technology. Our headline panel will highlight industry secrets for future-proofing, securing and derisking your technology roadmap.

Mark Parr, Global Director of Information Technology, HFW

Ketan Patel, CIO, WHSmith

Shawn Surber, VP Solutions Architecture and Strategy, Tanium

Startups and scaleups, through disruption and innovation, are reframing digital transformation norms. Hear from cross-industry startup and scaleup leaders on how they are harnessing disruptive technologies, mindsets and strategies to rewrite the digital transformation rulebook in their organisation and industry.

Dan Garrett, CEO and Co-founder, Farewill

Jay Swanston, Chief Platform Officer, Moneybox

Ben Brown, CTO, Onto

The Disruptive Frame
of Mind

Often startup culture and thinking are considered irrelevant to big enterprises. However, as we explore how to accelerate digital transformation projects, who better to look to than the disruptors themselves? In this session, we hear why and how the startup culture and mindset can provide invaluable inspiration for digital transformation projects.

Gaston Tourn, Chief Marketing Officer, AppearHere

The climate crisis has and will continue to present novel challenges to employees, organisations, industries and the world of work. Achieving net-zero carbon emissions will be fundamental to halting climate change. In this session, we will explore how organisations can collaborate around disruptive ideas and tools to build a more sustainable world.

Mark Jankovich, CEO and Founder, Delphis Eco

Over the last 2 years, we have seen that "urgency drives innovation". But, given the volatile and uncertain business environment, transformation journeys previously buoyed by rapid decision-making risk halting to a sudden stop. In this session, we will explore how organisations, through ways of working, thinking and experimenting, are disrupting their industry.

James Edwards, EMEA Innovation Lead, Kimberly-Clark

Julia Arenson, Head of Creative Operations, Specsavers

Collin Lyons, Delivery and Transformation Director, ustwo

A Focus on
Customer-Centric Innovation

With customer attrition rates at the highest they have ever been and expected to rise, recent emphasis has been on leveraging emerging technologies, including AI, for customer-centric innovation. But how do you build trust in these technologies? This session highlights how to address trust and ethics in customer-facing technology strategies.

Felicity Burch, Executive Director, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

 The fintech ecosystem is home to one of the most disruptive, and with the growing cost of living crisis, and important customer trends: Buy Now, Pay Later. However, technological innovations are doing little to empower consumers with affordable credit and solve the growing debt problem. Tune into this session to hear how Zilch is rewriting the rules for consumers, businesses and the global payments and lending system.

Rakesh Harji, Chief Operation Officer, Zilch

Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things; these technologies have been heralded as the future of omnichannel customer experience for years. So why are some organisations still so far off? This session will explore how to leverage new customer-facing technologies safely, ethically and within budget constraints.

Clare Thompson, Product Director - Customer Experience, Retention and Advocacy, Haleon

Virginie Faucon, Chief Marketing Officer, Clim8

Cloud migrations are a crucial step in delivering and driving digital transformation. Successful migrations help organisations harness new capabilities, innovate, scale efficiently and reduce risk. However, all too often organisations hit a wall in their data migrations due to budget overruns and out-of-control costs. Transformation stalls out. 

Cloud costs are the biggest expense in an organisation’s IT budget, and the biggest part of cloud costs are data projects. To make the most out of their cloud spend, tech leaders must first address visibility and control—a job for full-stack DataOps observability and governance guardrails.

Join Chief Disruptor, Unravel and fellow tech leaders for lunch to share your modern data stack successes, opportunities, and challenges. You will come away with actionable insights into cloud migration, optimisation and cost governance. The discussion will focus on: 

• Sharing first-hand accounts from members’ experiences and from technical experts
• Exploring the successes, opportunities and challenges
• Sign-posting common hidden costs and drivers of spiralling costs
• Industry-leading approaches to full-stack visibility and observability
• Rethinking governance and accountability
• Identifying next steps to optimise performance, resources and costs
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Today’s expectation is that any strategic IT decision is made with a highly accurate understanding of risk. However, digital transformation, driving highly distributed IT infrastructure, often means technology and business leaders are ill-equipped to meet the growing level of technology risk. So what exactly does good technology risk management look like today? 

Visibility? Certainty? Communication? Tools and platforms? All of the above? Join Tanium for lunch as we define industry-leading strategies and approaches to technology risk management. The discussion will focus on:

• Reviewing current approaches to technology risk management and common challenges
• Identifying and elevating the conversation around areas of high risk
• Increasing awareness of cyberattack risk throughout a business
• Approaches to safeguarding and derisking
• Importance of adopting proactive and preventative approaches to cybersecurity
• Where do my team and I fit in and what is the role of the board?
• Exploring new and highly accurate ways to measure technology risk

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Driving Data and Analytics Insights in a Digital-First Business

Complex and evolving business environments mean fast, accurate and relevant decision making is ever more important. To match the pace of change, hear from a range of organisations that are combining data and analytics strategies, technology and leadership around digital transformation.  

Join our masterclass, where we'll be kicking off with a presentation and Q&A from Stylianos Taxidis, Head of Data Science and AI at Costain exploring "Delivering Business Value through Data and Analytics".

Following our deep dive, we’ll be facilitating breakout round table discussions to delve into:

- What does being data-driven mean to you and your business?
- What are the keys to aligning data closely with business objectives and revenue streams?
- Addressing cultural aspects around data including: How do you humanise and democratise data? Breaking down silos? 
- Do you believe in Augmented or Artificial Intelligence?
- What is limiting you from unleashing business value from your data? Securing it? Data quality, governance and ethics?

What Could My Web 3.0 and Metaverse Strategy Look Like?

Future-Proofing Your
Technology Architecture

The journey to create a unified cloud data platform may involve battling legacy systems or, alternatively, starting with nothing. Either way, the guiding principles to build, evolve and optimise platforms stay the same. Hear from cloud platform experts from BT on what they learnt during their cloud transformation journey.

Dale Lewis, Principal Google Cloud Engineer, BT

Ryan Flynn, Specialist Software Engineer, BT

Dan Randell, GCP Cloud Solution Design Specialist, BT

Unprecedented rates of change and disruption have fundamentally changed the business and technology environment; organisations now feel the need to innovate at speed. However, with technological innovation often comes the increased risk of cyber attacks. In this session, we find out whether it is possible to manage innovation-driven cyber risk.

Andrew Habibi-Parker, Technical Director EMEA, AttackIQ

The challenges of a rapidly changing world requires new, emerging technologies to solve them. However, given socioeconomic and geopolitical turmoil, demonstrating the value of technologies at the board level is a daunting challenge. In this session, through the example of open banking, we identify the key to building, communicating and delivering the business case for new technologies.

Andy Wiggan, VP Product, GoCardless


Reimagining the
World of Work

Phones, emails, online calendars and multiple business communication platforms! These technologies have driven some of the most talked-about trends in the workplace today including collaboration, engagement, health and wellbeing and so much more. So what lessons can we learn from the past as we look forward to emerging technologies, such as AI and VR, that could revolutionise the workplace of tomorrow?

Ange Johnson de Wet, Head of Function - Cloud Enabled Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group

The pressure is on cross-function leaders to harness the capabilities of workplace technologies. The race is on to achieve efficiency gains, deliver business value and improve employee experience. However, workforce digital skills, culture and environments often stand in the way. This session will highlight the steps necessary to leverage technology within your workforce.

Hans SchwenkHead of Technology, Re-Engage

The hierarchical, nine to five, rigid structure of the modern workplace is undoubtedly a thing of the past. It has been replaced with hybrid working, new ideas around productivity, a focus on health and wellbeing and diversity and inclusion. We are, arguably, in The Future of Work. This session highlights what leading organisations are doing to transform their workforce and workplace.

Matthew Randall, Head of Software Development, Aston Martin Lagonda

Heather Payne, Ex-Director of Digital Technology, Sky and Founder, Toast91

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