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Company Overview

Ampliforce delivers AI-driven, enterprise-class digital workers that amplify worker and business performance, fuel revenue growth, reduce costs and dramatically simplify risk mitigation. 

Since 2017, we have designed AI-driven solutions to meet the needs of highly complex, information-driven enterprise work. 

Rather than focusing solely on AI technology, we first focused on becoming experts in the workflows our workforces use, then apply AI in the most pragmatic and robust manner.  

Working with our clients, we clearly defined what was needed to truly amplify workforce and business success. We developed Ai-driven digital workers to address these specific needs, with capabilities far beyond the basic task automation, document processing and chatbots in the market.


Ampliforce digital workers are enterprise-class software, configured and ready-to-work. By collaborating with humans, digital workers empower our workforce to do what they do best, think and act creatively.

Unlike chatbots and other simple automation, Digital Workers are highly intelligent, dynamically adaptive, user deployable, and fully transparent. Consequently, our digital workers can perform complex work that previously demanded human intelligence. For example, they apply AI to orchestration, optimization, computations, analysis, and business logic. 

Ampliforce digital workers feature robust enterprise-proven security, fault tolerance, compliance audits, performance management and more.  

Each worker is configured with the specific technology, skills, and business logic needed to specific roles. They are validated for both function and interoperability with our client’s IT infrastructure, eliminating the need for lengthy and expensive integration projects.


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Client Testimonials

 “The three key value propositions we see with Digital Workers are:

  • Scale multiplier. Giving us the ability to create greater scale with the same staff headcount through efficiency and automation.
  • Staff assistants. Giving us the ability to direct mundane work to digital channels while more complex tasks can be addressed by staff.
  • Research.  Giving us the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data in a relatively short period of time and allow staff to focus on actionable insights from the data."

George Marootian
EVP Head of Technology