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Reimagining Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Through Enterprise-Level Gen AI

on 06-May-2024 19:34:00 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership
Retail and CPG industries are in constant states of flux, propelled by changing consumer preferences, emerging technologies and market trends. Many industry insiders believe that early adopters of Generative AI stand to gain significant advantages. For leading organisations, the question has shifted from 'why' to 'when' and 'how' to effectively implement and scale GenAI initiatives. At a recent dinner and discussion for Chief Disruptor members, run in partnership with Cognizant and Microsoft, industry leaders gathered to explore the transformative power of Generative AI at the enterprise level.
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Army Counter-Intelligence and Security Conference Blog

on 04-Mar-2024 09:50:42 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Defence
On Wednesday 28 February 2024, Chief Disruptor held the Army Counter Intelligence and Security Conference at The Queen Elizabeth II Centre. At the conference Chief Disruptor members, representatives from across the MOD, as well as leaders from across industry converged to discuss the evolving landscape of security and the strategies needed to navigate it effectively.
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Thoughts & Insights: The Retail and Consumer Landscape 2024

on 02-Feb-2024 14:50:58 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership
2023 was a year marked by rapid technological advancements and global uncertainty. As businesses grappled with the challenges posed by emerging technologies like generative AI and navigated the complexities of volatile economies and disrupted supply chains, the need for adaptability and innovation became more apparent than ever.
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Translating ESG plans into actionable strategies for a lasting impact

on 19-Dec-2023 22:19:13 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership
We are all aware of the importance of embracing sustainable practices, so why is the tanker not changing direction fast enough? Organisations are reporting positive returns for their ESG initiatives, however the progress of change is still slow. It’s driving a cultural change to embrace sustainable practices, and embed sustainability into the core values and operations, then translating these plans into actionable strategies that will create meaningful impact.
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on 14-Dec-2023 13:24:50 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership
In the face of climate change and resource constraints, businesses must adopt innovative thinking and operational approaches. The urgency of ESG action necessitates a strategic shift. Meaningful progress in ESG requires extensive connections and communications across a broader ecosystem, involving partners, suppliers and consumers. Despite widespread calls for action, many business leaders struggle to expand their influence from strategy to execution, possibly due to the perceived enormity of the task.
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DAIC Connect

on 30-Nov-2023 15:19:53 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership Defence
In the world of AI and Defence, the Defence AI Centre (DAIC) is leading the charge, fostering collaboration between government, industry, academia, and allies for the strategic advantage of the UK Armed Forces. The recent industry engagement day on 27 November, DAIC Connect provided a platform for representatives from various AI companies with a Defence focus to come together and discuss the latest plans and innovations in the field.
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Defending the Defence Supply Chain Against the Cybersecurity Threat

on 12-Oct-2023 15:24:59 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Thought Leadership Defence
In today's rapidly changing world, one thing remains constant - the need for security. So how can the UK’s defence industry defend against cyber security threats? With defence supply chain vulnerabilities identified as a key target, how can it be defended successfully?
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on 14-Sep-2023 17:57:45 By | Tilly White | 0 Comments |
I can't believe it's been over a week since AI LIVE 2023 took place, marking the culmination of our incredible AI Impact Series! Thank you so much to all the members, speakers and partners who came together for a fantastic day of panels, presentations, interviews, roundtable discussions and of course networking. The day was filled with lively and thought provoking discussions covering topics ranging from evaluating the business impact of AI to identifying AI opportunities at your organisation, and exploring the art of the possible.
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