Catering To The Mob With Ben Lebus: What Comes After Hyper-Growth?

on 07-Apr-2022 12:07:17 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
25 years ago, social media was an alien concept, involving only a singular platform: Fast forward to 2022, and having a social media presence has not only become part of our daily lifestyle but an essential tool for businesses, if they want to stay in the competitive lane.    MOB Kitchen is the social media born food company, whose 1-minute recipe videos now attract an audience of 856k followers on Instagram, and leads the example in how to successfully build an online audience. We sat down with the founder, Ben Lebus, to find out how he grew MOB Kitchen from nothing, and where he sought out new opportunities to grow with online platforms.
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From Fog to Clarity: Mastering a Modern Data Platform

on 04-Apr-2022 15:31:12 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Event reports
2022 has seen a monumental shift as organisations mitigate the risks of legacy platforms and seek to capitalise off the myriad of new capabilities and possibilities modern platforms present. For tech leaders at the start of their optimisation journey, mastering their data platforms can be a daunting challenge. Those further along their journey, face complex data ecosystems often plagued by rising costs, dwindling performance levels and limited observability. The route to optimisation is not always clear. It is, however, those little-known insights into how to maximise tooling, free up capacity and troubleshoot issues faster that can provide the key to these common challenges. Nimbus Ninety, in partnership with Unravel Data and Databricks, brought together technology and data experts to connect, share challenges and offer up actionable insights to master a modern data platform.
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Douglas Lamont: Balancing People, Profit And The Planet

on 24-Mar-2022 10:32:38 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
It’s not new information that 2030 is the deadline to save the state of the global climate. As the United Nations explained in 2017, “we are the last generation to prevent irreparable damage”. Yet, strikingly, our 2022 Disruptive Trends Report showed how sustainability is being pushed down businesses’ agendas. So where are organisations going wrong, and how can leaders foster a positive balance between people, profit but also the planet, before it’s too late? We spoke with Douglas Lamont, CEO of Innocent Drinks and the co-chair of The Better Business Act, to delve deeper into the challenges businesses are facing with sustainable practices, the concept of sustainable capitalism, and how potential legislation could increase accountability across industries.
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Winning the Customer Fraud War Faster

on 12-Mar-2022 14:14:15 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Event reports
From bot attacks to brute force cyber attacks to internal breaches, the types of fraud that plague organisations are complex and multiple. These fraudulent transactions, which can result in losses three times higher than the original amount and dent reputation and trust, mean effective fraud protection is crucial. However, the growth in online shopping and banking has revolutionised the need for seamless customer experience and meant employees are increasingly the gatekeepers of vast amounts of data and information.  So how do retailers achieve real-time fraud prevention without hindering the digital experience of trustworthy customers? Over a glass of wine, Nimbus Ninety, alongside our partners Ping Identity, brought together experts from across customer experience and fraud prevention to uncover simple but smarter ways to detect anomalous activity in real-time.
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Mastering Hyper-Personalisation

on 04-Mar-2022 15:49:22 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Event reports
New digital channels and the changing customer relationship has led to more customer and user interactions. Organisations are now tasked with ensuring every customer journey is frictionless and secure. Simultaneously, importance is being placed on understanding and managing complex user identities. In this new world, identifying users the moment that they interact with platforms and creating secure, personalised, omnichannel experiences is fundamental for creating customer loyalty and outpacing the competition. But what scalable approaches are available to organisations to power and weave together secure, simple and seamless customer and user journeys? Nimbus Ninety, in partnership with Ping Identity, brought together senior technology leaders to discuss how to create, test and optimise omnichannel experiences while enjoying a curated wine tasting.
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The Anatomy of a Disruptor

on 04-Mar-2022 09:40:15 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
A few years ago, we interviewed Ricky Knox, the founder of Tandem Bank, right when fintechs and challenger banks were really taking off. Ricky himself seemed to embody the disruption that was rippling through the industry. He was bombastic, unapologetic and had a message for the incumbents: “we’ll be eating your lunch.”
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2022 Business Trends and How They Will Impact Tech Leaders

on 09-Feb-2022 17:38:04 By | Tori Williams | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates Event reports
Hybrid working is here to stay. With it comes increased online activity, information technology requirements and security threats. Simultaneously, costs are being squeezed and the regulatory landscape is changing at pace and scale.  We know uncertainty and turbulence will continue to impact organisations throughout 2022, but which trends will impact tech operations the most? In partnership with Tanium, we brought Nimbus Ninety members together to discuss what’s next for tech leaders in 2022.
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Building Employee Resilience: How to Support Teams in 2022

on 01-Feb-2022 17:14:10 By | Sacha Clarke | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
Wellbeing has become a forefront focal point since the pandemic began. According to our Digital Trends Report 2021, it was found that 35% of respondents saw separating work and home as a top priority to improve working life.
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The 2022 Disruptive Trends: What to Expect

on 01-Feb-2022 10:32:08 By | Shammah Banerjee | 0 Comments | Thought Leadership
The world of tech is one that can be fairly accused of there being too much going on. The collective attitudes towards different technologies ebb and flow and in general, sum up a generic fickleness in the industry - illustrated nicely by Gartner’s Hype Cycle. As tech commentator Ben Evans writes of tech today, “none of them are The Thing, and all of them are full of questions”. 
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Humanising Complex Customer Communication

on 27-Jan-2022 17:19:13 By | Gabriel O'Brien | 0 Comments | Event reports
Over the last 20 years, organisations have channelled their energy, focus and resources into building digital-first customer and user experiences. Meanwhile, the pandemic, by fundamentally altering the nature of customer interactions, has cemented the place of digital self-service, automation and personalised tech stacks within the customer experience journey. In this sense, organisations are positioned, better than ever before, to deliver flawless customer experience through a digital-first approach. But what happens when a chatbot lets a customer down or their problem is too complex for self-service? These important humanised interactions, fundamental to reaching solutions and maintaining brand loyalty, are left to burnt out and ill equipped service providers. Over a breakfast cuppa, Nimbus Ninety, in partnership with Sabio, brought members together from across the community to break down these interactions and explore how technology could provide the solution to complex humanised services.
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