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Chief Disruptor LIVE: Embrace adaptive strategies and technologies to pivot and capture competitive advantage

on 30-Jun-2024 20:21:11 By | Caroline Boyd | 0 Comments | Activities & Updates
At Chief Disruptor LIVE in June, we welcomed a lively and dynamic group of disruptors, innovators and change-makers to share ideas and brainstorm strategies for competitive advantage in a fast-moving world.
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Platforms Aren’t Just for Tech Companies

on 06-Jun-2016 08:30:00 By | Caroline Boyd | 0 Comments |
Are platforms relevant for Nimbus Ninety members, or just for the big tech companies and garage start-ups?
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Two Reasons to Get Very Excited Today!

on 14-Mar-2016 15:20:14 By | Caroline Boyd | 0 Comments | Research & Reports IGNITE Summits
Today is a very exciting day for us all at Nimbus, for two big reasons. Number 1 of course, is that today is the first day of our 6th IGNITE summit in London, focusing on the highly topical subject of business model reinvention (more on that later…). Secondly, because today we are launching our new report, Digital Business Model Reinvention, part one of our Digital Leaders Insight Series. It’s a pretty proud day for the whole team as it represents the latest phase in our legacy of over 10 years of independent research into the impact and implications of digital trends and technologies.
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