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Contact Name: Vinay Pattni  |  Contact Number: +44(0) 7894 519 237  |  Email:

 Company overview 

relayr is a rapidly-growing company, delivering the most complete IoT solutions on the market for the digital transformation of industries. We unleash more data from your existing machines and systems – from data inception to data insights – to improve your business outcomes. Our protocol-agnostic IoT middleware platform, device management and data analytics capabilities, and agile professional services teams are trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide. With relayr, any industry is empowered to implement fully interoperable IoT solutions guaranteed to achieve their target business outcomes.


Smarter connectivity. Better business outcomes. Guaranteed.

 Product / Solution / Service offerings 

relayr's Smart Manufacturing Solution allows you to collect, manage, and analyze data straight from production line machines, regardless of the level of automation. With our Solution, Operation Managers can easily see the performance of live machines and line KPIs in real-time, regardless of the data source or type.


With support from relayr's Professional Services Department, mid-size manufacturing companies can make their product lines smarter without big investments in equipment.


relayr's Smart Manufacturing Solution add-ons include end-to-end Device Management and Smart Analytics , with Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance. They are the next step towards enabling better outcomes in manufacturing.

 Sample Client List 

Aluvation, Merck Group, Peppermint, GE Digital, La Marzocco, Huber Technologies, GE Transportation, DB


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Data is the new oil. And we know there is so much more optimization potential in our existing production lines, and we must innovate in the digital age. But we also recognize the limitations of these old machines. As we hire data scientists to make sense of all the new data, to improve business processes, we are also working with experts to unleash more data from the machines. This is the new world of Industrial Internet of Things. relayr has been helping us from data inception to data services to new data insights. Our experts worked with theirs, within 2 months, to identify and deploy first innovative sensor additions to old machines to improve their productivity and OEE, and that is only the beginning."

Pablo Gonzalez

Head of Strategy and Digital Global Manufacturing and Supply, Merck Group

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