Digital Trends Report 2020

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In 2020, 30% of organisations cite short-termism as the biggest hindrance to success.


Infrastructure is being invested in more than ever; getting data strategy right is of increasing importance; short-termism is hindering success.

Having surveyed and gathered insights of over 200 digital leaders, these are just some of the trends we have found. Our Digital Trends Report provides an exclusive look on how to get ahead of the challenges businesses face in 2020.

Since 2005 Nimbus Ninety has been helping business leaders from our community successfully navigate digital transformation. The Digital Trends Report helps you get ahead of your competition and learn from your peers, with insight into the six most important aspects of business paired with commentary from industry experts:

This report gives insight into the six most important aspects of business, paired with interviews from industry experts:


  • Foresight: What disruptions are we seeing in 2020?
  • Competition: How are digital entrants and innovators disrupting their sectors?
  • Investment: Where are organisations investing in 2020?
  • Productivity: How are workforces melding with AI and automation to be as productive as possible?
  • Customers: How are technology advances impacting interaction with users?
  • Experimentation: Find out where digital projects go wrong, and what our members would have done differently to succeed.


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