Digital Trends Report 2021

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In 2021, more business leaders than ever are claiming that "digital is in their DNA". 

Download our Digital Trends Report 2021 to get the headline insights across industries and remits, that will shape the year ahead.

Organisations are more open to collaboration; innovation has accelerated and agility has increased as a result of COVID-19; customer interaction is becoming increasingly human. 

Having surveyed and gathered insights from over 300 digital and business leaders, these are just some of the trends that we have found for the year ahead. Our Digital Trends Report 2021 provides an exclusive look at the fundamental shifts that organisations have experienced as a result of the global health crisis, as well as examining future challenges and opportunities across sectors. 

Nimbus Ninety has supported business leaders since 2005, helping them successfully navigate current disruptions, whether technological or otherwise, and providing a forum for shared expertise. This report gives insight into the four most important aspects of business in 2021, alongside commentary from industry experts and market leaders: 

  • Strategy and Investment: Which disruptive technologies are rising to the fore this year, and how are businesses responding to market changes?
  • The New Work Reality: What will the future of work look like as organisations continue to support employees remotely and consider tentative moves back to the office?
  • The Changing Customer Landscape: How are organisations responding to changing customer demands? What are the most pressing challenges?
  • Recovery and Growth: What does recovery look like for different industries? And what opportunities for growth can be found following widespread disruption?

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