AI Business Impact Series

The past five months have seen a flurry of groundbreaking AI launches. These have included OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November and this month’s release of GPT-4, the generative AI model that underpins the chatbot. Many experts believe these tools have the power to transform industries. Certainly the big technology companies have been racing each other to weave next generation AI capabilities into their products and services. 

As with any disruptive innovation, particularly one that continues to evolve so rapidly, there are mounting concerns about misinformation, ethics and the potential impact on jobs. On Wednesday, an open letter published by the Future of Life Institute was signed by Elon Musk and many prominent AI professors and researchers. It calls for a six month halt to the "dangerous race" to develop systems more powerful than OpenAI's newly launched

At Chief Disruptor, we’ve witnessed a surge of interest in finding out more about potential use cases for next generation AI applications. Our C-level members are also having healthy debates about how to ensure that AI investments are made responsibly and ethically.

This year, in response to the hype and headlines around AI, we have developed the AI Business Impact Series. The series is designed to help our members make sense of this rapidly evolving disruptive technology, and help them successfully integrate and scale AI in their organisations.

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  • The Great AI Debate

    🗓️ Tuesday 27 June︱18.00-21.00︱London

    Join us with your team for networking drinks and highly topical debate with our panel of experts on the impact and implications of our AI survey findings; from ethics to trust, and use cases to implementation strategies. Bring your questions and be prepared to have your say on what Bill Gates described as the greatest technological advance in decades.  


  • Separating AI hype from reality

    🗓️ Friday 7 July︱08.45-10.00︱Webinar 

     Join our Chief Disruptor webinar for a deep dive analysis on the implications of the latest AI trends, plus practical tips and strategies that will demystify the hype around AI and provide a practical roadmap for AI business impact. We’ll be joined by a group of expert presenters representing a wide variety of industry perspectives, use cases and ready to answer your questions.   


  • AI Business Impact Podcasts

    🗓️ Friday 4 & 18 August

    Listen to our invited guests share their AI implementation journeys, expertise and practical lessons learned in interviews with our resident Chief Disruptor podcast host, Gabriel O’Brien.



    🗓️ Tuesday 5 September︱08.30-18.00︱London 

    A jam-packed LIVE programme of case studies and expert presentations to demonstrate the art of the possible. Hear from practitioners at different stages of their AI journey, from a variety of industry sectors, on how they navigated the challenges and enabled real business impact from AI.