Chief Disruptor Magazine Spring 2018 Edition

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How do you maximise the use of data in a post-GDPR landscape?


Download our Chief Disruptor Spring 2018 Edition and discover how data can fuel your organisation's strategy to innovate effectively.

This quarter's Chief Disruptor is all about data. It's about data in marketing and search strategy, about data as a tool to propel organisations, and about data in society; it's about how people are defined by their data, and how the platforms which use data to the most sophisticated extent are changing Western culture deeply and irreversibly. It's also about innovation, and how data can help.

To help illuminate and inform, the Chief Disruptor has some superb interviewees who bring a wealth of expertise to their subject area. Read to find out:


  • Rory Cellan-Jones's view on the latest developments in blockchain and talks about issues with platforms. Facebook is a publisher not just a platform
    • Rory Cellan-Jones, Tech Correspondent, BBC
  • Where is the opportunity for Challenger Banks?
    • Ricky Knox, CEO, Tandem Bank
  • How does Ethereum work, and how can it do some good?
    • Robert Greenfield, CTO, Blockchain for Social Impact
  • How should you allocate your cybersecurity investment?
    • Professor Richard Benham, Head of Research, National Centre for Cybersecurity
  • How will AR change media, and where is she investing?
    • Annie Krukowska, Former head of BBC Labs, & CEO of incubator Bounce Republic
  • Who, reading this, should abandon their mega-corporation and go to work in a start-up?
    • Kate Miller, Chief Commercial Officer at CityPantry
  • Can London be the new Silicon Valley? Why some startups are effective. Is it more difficult to be a start-up now? London becoming a new tech hub.
    • Faisal Galaria, Chief Strategy & Investment Officer, GoCompare

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