Chief Disruptor Magazine Spring 2019

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Disruption is uncomfortable. Entering into the 'discomfort zone' means something different to each sector. But What does it mean for society? For the economy?

The entrance of digital into the real world has a variety of manifestations: floating transport, banking apps, digital receipts. In this edition, we examine the “discomfort zone”, the physical space that is being steadily disrupted by digital. But the rise in information has also led to a rise in fake news, information warfare and tribalism. In this edition, we are looking at the role of the “citizen” and how it is set to change in the context of digital.

The extent of the wider impact of companies like Uber on the status quo is perhaps best exemplified by the addition of new descriptive words to our business lexicon such as ‘uberisation’ and ‘nestify’, words now routinely applied when wanting to signify dramatic change.

A current popular narrative in the business and tech press alike is the need for more established organisations to emulate this radical approach to business model change, and that the most effective response to digital disruption is in fact business model reinvention.

A sneak peek of what’s inside:

  • After Retail
    Is the high street dead? How is it being reinvented?
  • Monzo: A Bank for the Future?
    Jason Bates, Monzo co-founder, discusses building trust on a wholly digital platform.
  • Stories from the Gig Economy
    Pony Bikes and Ofo are two bike-sharing platforms - with very different stories. Why did one succeed and the other fail?
  • Too Much Choice, Too Little Control
    Behavioural scientist Divya Radhakrishnan tells us about how human biases are leveraged by brands.
  • Blockchain: A Shifting Term of Promise
    It’s one of the most hyped technologies of 2019, but can draw rolled eyes. Where does it fit into your business?
  • Information and Humans
    We chat with Luciano Floridi, Professor of the Philosophy of Information at Oxford University, about how the digital information age has reshaped human nature.

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