Fostering Agile Working and Experimentation

Friday 16 June 2023 │ 08:45-10:00 BST │ Virtual Roundtable 

Agile working is the business practice that helps organisations flex and pivot to changes or market challenges. In the current highly uncertain operating market, leading organisations are increasingly turning to agile working practices in the search for competitive advantage. In fact, 57% of respondents to The 2023 Disruptive Trends Report stated that they have ‘adopted agile planning processes so that they can adapt and pivot rapidly’. 

Agile working embodies both a framework and a mindset that focuses on embracing change and completing tasks iteratively. It has many organisational benefits including breaking down organisational silos, which improves collaboration, encouraging diverse thinkers to come together and brainstorm solutions to problems creatively. And decision making is sped up as traditional, hierarchical reporting structures are replaced. In an agile business, innovation and experimentation is encouraged and failure is accepted, or even welcomed. This agile mindset embraces rather than resists change and these behaviours are reinforced by visionary leaders with effective coaching and change management skills. 

So how do you go about fostering agile working and experimentation in your organisation? Whether agile is a new approach for your business or you’re keen to revitalise an existing agile initiative, you’ll need to focus on the value proposition for your agile transformation. And a successful roadmap will need to consider everything from organisational design to culture, from leadership to technology. Join us at our virtual roundtable discussion on Friday 16 June to brainstorm how to foster agile working and experimentation in your organisation.


08:45 Welcome and introduction

08:50 Fireside chat - "Supporting and Leading Agile Transformation"

David Leach, Agile Practice Lead - UKI Digital Strategy, Bupa

09:05 Virtual roundtable discussion

  • How do you launch and deliver a ‘successful’ pilot?
  • What are the characteristics of effective agile leadership?
  • How do you build a culture of innovation and experimentation?
  • How do you encourage an agile mindset?

09:45 Next steps and key takeaways

10:00 Close

David LeachDavid Leach, Agile Practice Lead - UKI Digital Strategy, Bupa

David is currently hbackground in technology and digital, across a number of industries and verticals, gaining significant experience in creating, supporting and leading people and teams. In turn, a move to agile ways of working has meant solid qualification and practice in multiple methods and frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. He has an advanced practice of specific techniques for setting strategy such as balanced scorecard and OKRs. David supports leaders through the training and practice of styles such as servant leadership 


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