Maximising business impact from AI

There’s no doubt that interest in AI use cases and applications is at an all time high. This is thanks in part to the huge popularity of the AI chatbot, ChatGPT, which reached an incredible 100 million users by early February, just two months after its late November launch. ChatGPT is part of a new wave of AI, known as Generative AI, which many experts believe has the power to transform industries. This transformational impact stems from the fact that generative AI systems can not only hold sophisticated human-like conversations but can also generate entirely original content, rather than simply analysing or acting on existing data.

These recent developments will have huge implications for enterprises as AI implementations become much more accessible and affordable to organisations. In fact, off the back of this surge of interest in ChatGPT, analysts are predicting an AI-fuelled innovation explosion as business and technology leaders seek to realise the transformative potential of AI in their organisations. Indeed according to the Chief Disruptor 2023 Disruptive Trends Report, AI is predicted to have the most disruptive impact on business models in 2026.   

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The results will provide an illuminating snapshot of the wider enterprise market’s investment plans for AI in the next 18 months and will form the basis of Chief Disruptor’s ‘Maximising Business Impact from AI’ Report to be published in July 2023, a webinar in August and a LIVE event in September 2023.

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