The Rise of Enterprise Application Testing 2020

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How leading organisations are extending quality strategies across the enterprise application landscape, from SAP to Salesforce and beyond. 


As the foundation for an organization’s most critical business processes – many of which are being profoundly, rapidly redefined – enterprise applications are an increasingly critical source of innovation. But modernization is complicated. IT leaders must juggle multiple initiatives, from the adoption of SaaS technologies to legacy modernization and cloud migration – all while ensuring that the business workflows that rely on these applications are not interrupted in the process.  

While testing transformation initiatives have typically focused on traditional software development, our research reveals a mounting imperative to extend modern quality strategies across the enterprise application landscape, from SAP to Salesforce and beyond. A growing number of organizations are finding ways to align enterprise application delivery with the continuous testing processes that have transformed traditional software development. With a modern approach to enterprise application testing, these organizations are achieving continuous business innovation, accelerating release speed, and fast-tracking cloud migration plans, all while minimizing business risks.

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  • How innovative testing leaders have successfully redefined their organization’s end-to-end quality strategies and their top advice for others embarking on modernization journeys  
  • The top challenges of enterprise application testing – from skills gaps to a lack of IT-business alignment to ensuring business continuity during major upgrades and migrations 
  • The best practices testing leaders are implementing to address these challenges, accelerate innovation, and minimize risk 


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