Is your current approach fit for purpose?
Tuesday 26 April 2022 │ 18:00-20:45 BST │ The Mercer, London EC2R 8AY
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Any business worth its salt measures financial debt and risk. But why is it that so few accurately measure technology risks? As technology increasingly permeates every part of the modern enterprise, the regular approach requires a refresh.

The future of technology risk management lies in the use of data to drive a trusted view in real-time. This enables leaders to lower their risk levels, while also getting more business value from their technology.

But how exactly can business leaders avoid relying on inaccurate and incomplete data from multiple tools and platforms? Join us over dinner as we illustrate how to achieve a single, accurate, and rich view of technology risk.

18.00 Arrive 

18.05 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety 

18.15 Introductions

18.25 A Paradigm Shift in Technology Risk Management 
Oliver Cronk, Chief IT Architect for EMEA, Tanium

18.40 Dinner and discussion

    • Reviewing current approaches to technology risk management and common challenges 
    • Communicating technology risks with the board
    • Exploring new and highly accurate ways to measure technology risks 
    • Utilising data to drive a real-time view of risk levels 
    • Gain a single view to understand the true business value of your technology 

Oliver Cronk

Oliver Cronk, Chief IT Architect for EMEA, Tanium

Oliver Cronk is the Chief IT Architect for EMEA at Tanium and leader of Architect Tomorrow. Oliver is an IT architecture and DevOps leader with over 20 years experience in a variety of IT roles across energy, government, telecommunications, banking and professional services. Oliver joined Tanium from Deloitte where he spent 3 years as the Chief Architect for Risk Advisory – responsible for driving innovation, digital transformation and architecture of solutions for clients across a variety of risk areas. Oliver has led on the architecture of on prem, private cloud, Azure, Office 365 and AWS initiatives. Oliver leads on the Tanium Reference Architecture for IT Operations and Cyber capabilities. Oliver is a seasoned speaker and advisor on Innovation, Architecture and DevOps. Oliver has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Essex and has been a BCS Chartered IT Professional since 2012.



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