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Friday 9 December │ 08:45-10:00 GMT │ Virtual Roundtable 
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Over 70% of IT leaders say reducing environmental impact is a priority for their organisation’s technology strategy. With investors, employees and customers alike seeking out businesses that have demonstrably reduced their carbon footprint; a successful sustainability agenda is a business imperative as well as an ethical one, but it can’t come at the expense of all of or compete with the other business priorities people and organisations are facing. It has to be additive to make sense for the top line and the bottom line. 

With many businesses and nations committed to net-zero by 2030, time is running out to prove progress towards these goals. With only one technology refresh cycle realistically feasible before 2030, the decisions IT leaders make now will be crucial to their organisation’s success. But against a backdrop of geopolitical uncertainty, economic turbulence and fast-paced digital transformation projects, technology leaders are challenged by how to grow their digital capabilities without undermining their organisation’s sustainability goals.

To address this challenge, Chief Disruptor and Equinix, the world leading digital infrastructure company, are hosting a series of intimate invite only roundtables to discuss how to accelerate and deliver both digital transformation AND sustainability objectives. Here’s a preview of what to expect: 

Location Matters. Where you house your infrastructure really matters – find out why?

Modernisation Matters. Cloud, network, hybrid, hyperconverged – which strategies should you deploy?

Consumption Model Matter. As a service everything – spin it up, dial it down only when you need it and don’t own any of it... Can it really be done?

Being Purposeful Matters. How being purposeful about sustainability as a fundamental tenant of any digital transformation project helps break down silos and accelerates decision making and goal achievement

Measurability Matters. Why working with the right partners is so crucial in your ability to manage regulation and legislation.

Join this virtual deep dive session to accelerate your journey to sustainable digital transformation. Bring your most pressing digital transformation challenges to the table, troubleshoot with our experts and walk away with an actionable plan to accelerate your journey to sustainable digital transformation.


08:45 Welcome and introductions

08:55 Roadmap to sustainable IT consumption 

09:10 Roundtable discussion 

  • What are your most pressing priorities? Where does sustainability sit on the list?
  • To what extent do sustainability objectives currently conflict with value creating Digital Transformation initiatives? 
  • How is your organisation progressing towards the sustainability goals you have set? What impact do these have on your digital transformation goals and vice versa?
  • Where is the majority of your infrastructure now? How are you thinking about modernisation?  What do you think about the concept of a fully virtual infrastructure? What challenges do you see arising in your organisation that would prevent this from happening?
  • What impact is legacy infrastructure having on your emissions?
  • How challenging is it to gain transparency on emissions data? 
  • How prepared are you for changes to legislative requirements on sustainability practices and reporting?
  • To what extent will underperformance on ESG prevent businesses from growing and innovating in the next three years? 

09:50 Questions and key takeaways 

09:55 Closing remarks


Hear from...

Eleni ColdreyEleni Coldrey, Equinix

Eleni Coldrey leads Equinix’s business development efforts in EMEA. Regulation around sustainability, new technologies and economic conditions are driving industry disruption both at the fundamental market infrastructure level, and for market players grappling with their own transformation journeys. Eleni collaborates with Equinix’s customers, forging new ways to leverage Platform Equinix and the community of strategic partners for sustainable innovation and growth.



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