Chief Disruptor LIVE 2020
 Pivot To a New FutuRE


 09:00-16:00 BST
Tuesday 2 June 2020
Virtual Event 



We are in unprecedented times. Now, more than ever, reacting at great speed is vital to survive.

Technology innovation is at an all-time high, but many businesses are struggling to keep up with changes both economic and technological. Moving forward is about conditioning reflexes to compete in the market and shape futures.

How it workED

This Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual June 2020, was about empowering your business to pivot as quickly and efficiently as possible. Designed for disruptors and reactors to come together, and lay the path forward through uncertainty.

We’ve packed the day with keynotes that will stretch your mindset, masterclasses to bounce your ideas off some of the best brains in the business world.

LUNCHBOX gave our members the chance to hear about the macroshifts that go beyond business and impact the whole of society. We got their families involved too, as we looked at everything from drone travel to refugee entrepreneurs to revolutionary business.


We looked at building strategy for the long-term, maximising innovation mindset during crisis, and building the technology that can withstand disruption.

    • Members were equipped to drive change in your organisation
    • Heard about the biggest trends and newest ideas in your field
    • Shared challenges and solutions with peers inside and outside your industry sector
    • Bounced ideas off experts in your field to roadmap solutions
    • Inspired to establish best practice in your organisation

It’s not about sitting still; Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual June 20202, was about becoming a mover and a shaker.

Take a look at the agenda


Step into the spotlight

Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual is all about collecting the stories from the biggest disruptors in technology and business.

If you have a great story to share, or know someone who does, do get in touch with our Editorial team.



Our members need to move. Can you show them how?

Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual is the biggest gathering of our C/C-1 level members of the year, with 220+ joining us from all over the country for an explosive day of brainstorming, learning and roadmapping.

If you have solutions, our Partnerships Team would love to talk to you.

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Supporting PARTNERS

Can you bring the experience to Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual?

Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual is not just about listening to the disruptors; it’s about seeing and experiencing too. If you have an innovation to showcase or an experience to share like our previous experiential partners did, we’d love to chat with you. 

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chief disruptor BREAKFAST CLUB

Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual June 2020, was the finale of Series 1, Pivot, Don't Panic of Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club.

Chief Disruptor Breakfast club is the only place where you can have your morning coffee with the innovators and disruptors in business and technology.

Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, tune in to hear our Guest Disruptors give us the inside track on the biggest trends in alive interview, where you can ask them (just about) anything.

Rewind Series 1: Pivot, Don't Panic!
Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club


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