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Our masterclasses are designed to help you redefine your vision and figure out what the next steps are to realise new opportunities. Join senior business leaders across industries, as we dive into new practices and lessons learnt from subject matter experts, alongside interactive discussion zones tailored to maximise insight.

Masterclass 1
Restructuring Data Strategy

As market landscapes change quickly, organisations need fast and accurate data to facilitate rapid response. However, many organisations are not positioned or prepared to enact long-term change. We examine how technologies and methods can play a key role in driving business results and solutions to data access and delivery, and how to reposition your data strategy for the long-term.

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Denodo    Privitar


Masterclass 2
Innovation Evolution

Innovation has dramatically changed, both in process and outcome. Many projects have been accelerated due to increased urgency for business response, but others have fallen by the wayside due to cut budgets. We map out the evolution of innovation, and deepdive into the newest forms of innovation practice that now dominate the business world.

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Masterclass 3
Mastering the Digital Consumer

Customers are expecting more from their interactions with businesses. In uncertain times, behaviours and needs are changing fast, leading to surges in new and complex queries. Delivering a seamless experience is vital to ensure customers stick with you. But how does customer experience change when we participate increasingly in a virtual world? We explore how to keep your digital strategy customer-centric, not channel-centric.

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Sabio & Twilio 

Masterclass 4
The Automation Imperative

The recent health crisis has forced companies to accelerate digital transformation. Automating key business processes can see an average cost saving of 20%, and when it comes to operating through crisis, it is vital to create rapid productivity gains without adding costly staff resources. We explore how to future-proof your business through automation for near-term customer experience improvements and long-term growth.

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Masterclass 5
Building an Agile & Adaptive Business

COVID-19 has forced a rethink of priorities on an unprecedented scale as industries adapt to major shifts in behaviour. What comes next?
Agile and dynamic organisations will emerge stronger. Businesses need to seek out ways to remain resilient and find their position for growth, and IT leaders are central to this change. Discover actionable steps to embed new foundations for agility and growth.

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With uncertainty defining the moment, business and technology leaders are pivoting fast to respond to changing landscapes. However, without the full picture, they are balancing the dangers of risk with the need for survival. At Chief Disruptor LIVE: Virtual, we drill into how businesses should be redefining their vision to stay afloat and the digital imperatives for long-term impact and lasting change. While our masterclasses give you the chance to dig deep into a certain topic, our keynotes and panels explore the major issues that every business leader must be cognizant of in 2021.

08.00 - 08.30 Breakfast Box & 121 Meetings

08.00 - 08.30 Morning Mindfulness

Ian Leonard
Client Director - Freight & Logistics, IBM

08.30 - 10.30 Morning Masterclass Agenda

Masterclass 1: Restructuring Data Strategy

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08.35 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

08.40 Surveying the Data Landscape

What impacts do market changes have on data strategies? We examine best-in-class data science practices and what they look like in changing landscapes.

Harriet Rees
Head of Data Science, Starling Bank

08.50 Unlocking Data-Driven Agility

What are the current requirements for modernising data strategies? We explore the new technologies and practices that accelerate agility and enhance access across the organisation, from data science teams to key business users.

Paul Moxon
SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist, Denodo

09.00 Securing a New Data Reality at Scale

With more business users requiring to access data, it is of paramount importance to ensure that data processes are secure. We look into the business benefits of broadening data access in a secure way and how this can be done at scale.

Steven Totman
Chief Product Officer, Privitar

09.10 Discussion Zones

Building a Business-Enabling Data Strategy 

  • What are the common barriers to effective and accurate data delivery?
  • What are the key components to building a modern data science architecture, and what are the best practices for implementing them?
  • How can data virtualization enable key business projects, such as digital transformation and cloud migration?
  • How can you ensure that your data strategy can support and deliver key business outcomes?

    Iain Patterson
    Transformation Director, Student Loans Company
    Peter Appleby
    Head of Data Science, Auto Trader

Scaling Data Utility in Secure Environments 

  • What are the challenges when bringing together data sets from across the business? What are the challenges to ensuring that the right people have access to the data they need?
  • What are the key components to building a modern data architecture? What are the best practices for implementing them?
  • How can you balance speed, security and utility when it comes to using data?
  • How can you ensure that your data strategy can support and deliver key business outcomes?
    Harriet Rees
    Head of Data Science, Starling Bank
    Graeme Burnett
    Head of Application Security, Mastercard

09.55 Lessons Learnt

10.10 Panel and Q&A

10.25 Key Takeaways

10.30 Close

Masterclass 2: Innovation Evolution

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08.35 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

08.40 Innovating Your E-commerce Strategy to Capture and Convert

Each consumer takes a different path to purchase in e-commerce - meaning it’s never been a more challenging time to meet consumer needs. We explore how to adapt to market conditions and ensure consistency across online and offline, through digital-first strategies and best multichannel practices.

Arlando Velho 
Strategic Account Director, ChannelAdvisor
Rich Barber
Strategic Account Director, ChannelAdvisor

08.55 New Forms of Innovation

With innovation teams under new pressure to deliver, the methods of 2019 no longer suffice. We hear from an innovation team that has boosted business success during the global crisis, and developed new ways to excel in speed and performance.

Maurizio Pilu 
VP Digital Innovation, Lloyds Register

09.10 Discussion Zones

Innovative E-commerce Strategies

  • What are the challenges in responding to customers in this climate? 
  • How can you evaluate and develop the right channel strategy for your business?
  • How can you maximise sales and gain exposure?
  • What are the best practices for measuring channel effectiveness and success?

    Donna Chen
    Digital Director, Watch Shop Group
    Arlando Velho 
    Strategic Account Director, ChannelAdvisor
    Rich Barber
    Strategic Account Director, ChannelAdvisor
    Steve Goodyear
    European Head of eCommerce & Innovation, Mars

Innovation for Business Success

  • What are the challenges in responding to internal business demands in a changing environment?
  • How can innovation teams best support business strategy, and vice versa?
  • What are the most important factors to consider when driving innovation in changing times?
  • What are the key lessons from best-in-class innovation teams?
    Kate Bohn
    Innovation and Strategy - Incubator & Accelerator Lead, Lloyds Banking Group
    Daniel Jonas
    Head of Innovation & Research, PAY.UK
09.55 Lessons Learnt
10.10 Panel and Q&A
10.25 Key Takeaways
10.30 Close

Masterclass 3: Mastering the Digital Consumer

08.30 Join

08.35 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

08.40 The Great Digital Acceleration with 5 Takeaways

Stuart Dorman
Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio

08.55 The Digital Consumer: New Behaviours Post-COVID-19

Eugene Neale
Director of CX Engineering and Business IT, loveholidays

09.10 Discussion Zones

Humanising the Customer Experience

  • What’s the role of contact centres in the customer experience?
  • How do you shift from a channel focus to an experience approach?
  • How can AI and automation drive productivity and reduce response times?
  • Where can agent-led innovation enhance customer interaction and engagement?

Phil De Caux
Group Digital Portfolio Lead, Kingfisher

Mastering the Omnichannel Approach

  • What defines an omnichannel strategy and what are the barriers to realising it?
  • How has an increase in social and web traffic influenced customer operations?
  • How do you bridge the gaps between digital and human communications?
  • How can you plan for the long-term shifts in customer behaviour driven by COVID-19?

Anna Henwood
CMO, Les Mills International

David Leach
Enterprise Agility Coach, Volkswagen Financial Services

09.55 Lessons Learnt

10.10 Panel and Q&A

10.25 Final Comments

10.30 Close

Masterclass 4: The Automation Imperative

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08.35 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

08.40 Outlining the Automation Imperative

Business resilience is not just about flexibility and good leadership in a crisis. We explore how automating processes can improve efficiency, protect your business and enhance your customer experience.

Mark Toffoli
Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Conexiom

08.55 Realising Business Growth

Investing in automation now can future-proof you fast. Selecting the right technology is vital to provide resilience but also growth. We hear from an industry leader who has seen the results from automation.

Julian Burnett
VP Global Markets - Distribution Sector (UK), IBM

09.10 Discussion Zones

Mastering Automation

  • How can automation transform your business?
  • What are the barriers to implementing automation in your business and how can they be overcome? 
  • What does “business resilience” mean, and what does it look like to achieve it?

    Julian Burnett
    VP Global Markets - Distribution Sector (UK), IBM

    Gemma Barsby
    Head of Cloud & Security Sales, Vodafone

09.55 Lessons Learnt

10.10 Panel and Q&A

10.25 Key Takeaways

10.30 Close

Masterclass 5: Building an Agile and Adaptive Business

08.30 Join

08.35 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

08.40 Optimising Digital Transformation for Agility

What strategic technology principles will enable enterprises to emerge stronger and faster in the post-COVID-19 world? CIOs must articulate a new vision for recovery and deliver agile IT that enables rapidly changing business priorities. Identify critical gaps and forge the right strategy to cloud, networks and security will create a lasting transformation.

Matt Williams
Head of EMEA, Telstra

08.55 Adopting Recovery and Growth Strategies

Angela Johnson de Wet
Head of Risk in Tech Change, Lloyds Banking Group

09.10 Discussion Zones

Building the agile and adaptive business

  • How have transformation priorities been reset?
  • What makes a business ready for ongoing digital transformation?
  • Key priorities for IT teams supporting recovery and growth
  • What are the hallmarks of and barriers to adaptive and agile IT?
Kevin James
Former Head of Data, Governance and Business Intelligence, Just Group

Creating the modern and dynamic workplace

  • How have cloud strategies altered or accelerated to adapt to new working environments?
  • What tools and technologies are successfully driving collaboration?
  • With universal homeworking, how can technology be used to sustainably enhance and maintain staff engagement?

Angela Johnson de Wet 
Head of Risk for IT Change and New Technologies Conduct, Lloyds Banking Group
Adrian Polglase
Enterprise Architect, Rolls-Royce
Ben Johnson
Director of Innovation, Strategy and Governance, Saint Gobain

09.55 Lessons Learnt

10.10 Panel and Q&A

10.25 Key Takeaways

10.30 Close

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee Break & 121 Meetings

10.30 - 10.45 Intelligent and Ethical: When AI Leads Social Change

AI for Good - LogoAlice Pietrova
Managing Director,
AI for Good

10.45 - 11.00 Unmind to Unwind: Sparking Mental Wellness at Work

Unmind logoNick Taylor

11.00 - 13.00 Morning Keynotes & Panels

11:00 - 11:20 Globalisation 3.0: Where Will It Leave Us?

Nejc Skoberne
Head of Product Growth,
Fnatic (ex Uber, Transferwise, Coinbase)

11:20 - 12:00 Panel and Q&A: Digital Doctors: What is the Future of Healthcare?

With the global pandemic demanding a healthcare transformation overnight, online consultations have increased out of necessity. High street organisations are rising to the mark to offer digital consultation for cancer patients, among others. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed healthcare - so what next?

Natalie Pankova
Chief Operating Officer,
(Digital Health Expert at WHO)

Rich Corbridge
Digital Leader, Healthcare

Simon Wickes 
COO at Truu and Mentor,
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme

12:00 - 12:20 Keynote and Q&A: Five Ways that Collaboration can Carry us Beyond a Recession

Data collaboration groups are already deriving the insights that will help lift businesses of all sizes out of the ruin left by COVID-19. We hear from a group of data collaborators on the core insights they can share, and on how collaboration is the character of the moment.

Caroline Gorski
Group Director R2 Data Lab,

12:20 - 13:00 Panel and Q&A: The Long View: Building Sustainability into your Business Model

With global economies faced with repercussions of careless business, it's becoming increasingly urgent to address them. But alongside planetary threats, there are great business opportunities. We hear from the experts on green business and examine the role that technology has to play.

Kirsty Saddler
Sustainability & Values Director,
Leon Restaurants

Manjula Lee
Founder and CEO,
World Wide Generation

Ben King
Pesky Fish

Robert Spencer
Director of Sustainable Development for UK and Ireland,

13.00 - 14.00 Lunchbox & 121 Meetings

13.00 - 13.15 Behavioural Analytics: Challenges Vs. Opportunities

Leslie NooteboomHumanising Autonomy logo
Chief Product Officer, 

Humanising Autonomy

13.15 - 13.30 Contact Tracing for COVID: Where Technology Can Step In

Ronan FinneganSPACEBANDS-Together-1

13.30 - 13.45 Zero Food Waste Futures: How AI Can Help

Clemence Ollivierwinnow logo
Data & Analytics Director.

13.45 - 14.00 Health Data: Our Future

Rocky FridayHealU logo

14.00 - 15.00 Afternoon Keynotes

14:00 - 14:20 Keynote and Q&A: Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals: Where We're Going Wrong

For many organisations, being greener is about reducing air travel and recycling in the office. But what if those things are not enough? We examine the industries that will undergo vast restructuring if we're going to respond effectively to the climate crisis.

Dan Klein
UN Big Data Group for Environmental Data

14:20 - 14:40 Keynote and Q&A: The Beauty of Failure: Confessions from the Experimentation Lab

Failure and experimentation go hand in hand: you cannot whole-heartedly experiment if you aren't prepared for it to sometimes go wrong. In today's uncertain times, failure can be even more terrifying a concept. How can you continue to experiment boldly to deliver results?

Tarv Nijjar
Global Leader Strategic Initiatives for Digital Technologies,

14:40 - 15:00 Keynote and Q&A: Purpose-Driven Leadership

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself," Henry Ford once said. As it becomes more vital to reinstate purpose and vision throughout organisations, we hear from a leader who takes "purpose-driven" seriously.

Anna Sandgren
Head of Business Development,
Ben & Jerry's


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