Mastering security and business priorities in parallel

Thursday 28 July 2022 │ 18:00-19:30 BST │ Virtual Wine Tasting & Roundtable Discussion
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As newly formed cybersecurity programmes are deployed, we explore how leaders are leveraging new capabilities to guard against volatilities and unlock business opportunities.  

In February 2022, Nimbus Ninety’s Disruptive Trends Report 2022 identified a 53% year-on-year increase in investment in cybersecurity technology. Since then, technology leaders have been busy executing IT infrastructure that is demonstrably secure and tightly tied to business value creation. 

Over the course of this roundtable discussion, we will share advice from a leader who has recently matured their IT infrastructure, before debating how best to strategically align IT budgets and projects, with business priorities and objectives. We’ll close with key takeaways for communicating the value of outcome-driven cybersecurity.

18.00 Welcome and Introductions

18.10 Wine Tasting

18.20 Maturing IT Infrastructure

18.35 Wine Tasting

18.40 Round-table discussion:

  • How to take IT infrastructure from a cost to a revenue generator
  • Adopting a threat-informed defence mindset across the business
  • How confident are you in answering the Board question: “Are we ok?” based on data
  • Communicating the business value of IT infrastructure across the business
  • Exploring ways to guard against misconfigurations and human errors
  • Should businesses go beyond the legal requirements, when it comes to implementing security measures?

19.20 Questions and Key Takeaways

19.30 Closing Remarks

Hear from...

Paul HaywoodPaul Haywood, Group CISO at Bupa

Paul Haywood is the group chief information security officer for Bupa. Paul is responsible for the global approach to information security across the Bupa Group, including identifying, evaluating, and reporting on risks and meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. Paul has an honours degree in mathematics and a master's in strategic information systems.


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This event is for 15 C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, and drivers of live projects in Attack Technology, Business Operations, Cyber Security, IT, Risk, Security, Threat Analysis, and Vulnerability Management.

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