Evaluating the AI, Cyber and Risk Landscape

Thursday 5 September 2024 │ 13:00-14:00 BST │ Chief Disruptor Forum (Virtual)
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With AI developments rapidly reshaping the cyber and risk landscape, impacting both threat and defensive capabilities, it’s vital that organisations take proactive steps now to understand and manage this evolving situation. In the past year, state-sponsored hacking groups from Russia, China and other adversaries have been caught using AI to better attack their targets. Conversely, AI can help organisations detect and prevent cyber attacks, analyse vast amounts of data, automate threat response and continuously adapt to emerging threats. AI also helps detect and block malware, filter suspicious emails, monitor network traffic, and protect cloud services and endpoint devices.

Join us on 5 September 2024 for our interactive webinar on ‘Evaluating the AI, Cyber and Risk landscape’ to get up-to-speed on the latest cybersecurity threats and understand how to manage risk with the latest AI threat mitigation tools.


13:00 Welcome and introduction

13:05 Guest speakers to cover:

  • What are the latest AI-related cybersecurity threats?
  • How are nation states weaponsining GenAI? 
  • How should organisations mitigate this threat?
  • How do you determine which risks are most applicable to you and different use cases?
  • To what extent are the threats inherent to the new AI tools, or are they more human centred?
  • What can you control and what is out of your control?
  • How are enterprises deploying AI tools to detect, analyse and respond more proactively to cybersecurity threats?

13:35 Audience Q&A

13:50 Summary and next steps from the panel

14:00 Close



Bogdan Grigorescu Bogdan Grigorescu, Senior Technical Lead, Engineering and Automation at Direct Line Insurance Group

A technologist with extensive experience across industries, Bogdan has led specialist teams in implementing automation through AI at scale, delivering and operating enterprise platforms across geographies. He has a track record in achieving superior customer experiences and delivering significant cost efficiencies by leveraging AI and machine learning technologies worldwide. In addition, he has a background in electronics and telecommunication engineering.


HarmanHarman Kaur, Vice President, AI, Tanium

Harman Kaur’s professional journey spans over ten years of combined experience in the US Air Force and Tanium. Currently holding the position of Vice President of AI at Tanium, Harman brings a wealth of technical and leadership expertise. Prior to her current position, Harman was the Chief of Staff at Tanium. In this role, she worked closely with the Executive Chairman & CEO and the executive team to drive strategic growth, technology alliances, and execution across the organization, leveraging her domain expertise in cybersecurity and IT. Previously, Harman held various roles in the field engineering organization at Tanium, where she managed and supported key accounts and contributed to product development and innovation. Prior to joining Tanium, Harman served as an Officer in the US Air Force, where she honed her leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. Harman is passionate about empowering people, delivering value, and making a positive impact in the field of cybersecurity and IT. She received her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Hawaii Pacific University and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Southern California.


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