Evolving Your Cybersecurity Strategy And Roadmap

Friday 12 January 2024 │ 08:45-10:00 GMT │ Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club (Virtual)

The rapid evolution of new technologies such as generative AI, machine learning and IoT is undoubtedly creating unprecedented threats to business, and these risks continue to evolve and unfold on a daily basis. AI and generative AI rely on the collection and analysis of data, often sensitive or personal, and many are concerned about the danger that this data could be misused or exploited. Some experts point to the danger of cyber-criminals who could use generative AI to mimic legitimate ads, emails and other means of communication, making it a challenge to distinguish between genuine and fake content. There are also concerns that socio-political conflicts will lead to a rise in hacktivist groups that focus on disrupting critical infrastructure and services. 

Conversely though, generative AI will also have a transformative impact on cybersecurity defence, helping organisations detect, evade or neutralise threats thanks to real-time anomaly detection, smart authentication and automated incident response.  

With such a broad range of evolving cybersecurity threats alongside some new opportunities, organisations will need to adapt and evolve their cybersecurity strategies to address these challenges proactively, and safeguard their assets and sensitive data. Join us at this Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club meeting to discuss how to do just that.


8:45 Welcome and introduction

8:50 Fireside chat with Jonathan Booth, Security Compliance and Audit Principal at Office for National Statistics

  • Overview of the key 2024 emerging cybersecurity threats and trends. How are these threats characterised?
  • On balance, is generative AI a cybersecurity threat or opportunity?
  • What is cyber resilience and how does this differ to cybersecurity?
  • How to ensure your cybersecurity strategy and roadmap can evolve to meet changing trends and threats 

09:05 Virtual roundtable discussion:

  • What are the greatest cybersecurity threats to your organisation?
  • What does your current cybersecurity strategy and roadmap look like? How well does it enable your organisation to respond to changing threats?
  • How should leaders future-proof their organisations in anticipation of future cybersecurity threats?

09:45 Next steps and key takeaways

10:00 Close 


Jonathan BoothJonathan Booth, Security Compliance and Audit Principal, Office for National Statistics

Business operations manager with expertise in a wide range of service management, business change and project management techniques. Data experience includes UK Administrative Geographies and boundary management, Address Register development and management of Government administrative data.


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