Expertly Embedding New Tech into Existing Stacks
Exploring Emerging Trends in Integration and Automation

Friday 24 June 2022 │ 08:45-10:00 BST │ Virtual Roundtable Discussion
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The growing adoption of SaaS applications means businesses need applications that work together seamlessly. But integrating new tools and technologies with established ones can be time consuming work. 

Forward-thinking businesses are looking to automation to simplify the process, and free up more time for high-value work. 

Join our virtual breakfast briefing to explore the ways to integrate and automate, and the reasons to do so.

08:45 Welcome and Introductions

09:00 How to Effectively Embed New Technologies into your Existing Tech Stack

09:10 Roundtable Discussion:

  • The trends reshaping how businesses approach integration and automation
  • Exploring how to seamlessly integrate new and established tools and technologies to support strategic business objectives 
  • Discussing when it's best to build from scratch, to buy or to automate 
  • Examples of automation and how they contribute to a competitive advantage
  • Overcoming pain points and integrating problematic applications 

09:45 Key Takeaways

09:55 Closing Remarks


Case Studies

Snyk’s Spark bot reveals user insights to sales team, helping scale business growth

Man Group growing adoption of SaaS applications demands automation




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