Exploring the Business Impact and Implications of Next-Generation AI Models

Friday 24 November 2023 │ 08:45-10:00 GMT │ Virtual Roundtable 
In partnership with
Cognizant and Google Cloud

In our Chief Disruptor 2024 Disruptive Trends survey, 48% of respondents said generative AI will have the most disruptive impact on business models by 2027.

The speed of growth in generative AI capabilities is disrupting how companies think about their business, creating new opportunities for product and process customer impact. Whether this is deep personalisation, service design or risk management, each new area will have opportunities and challenges to consider and manage to drive the desired outcomes.

In our latest Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club, we will explore the broader use cases for generative AI and how you can use these to shape your future as well as the potential roadblocks facing organisations as they embark on their generative AI journey and the success factors for generative AI.

Join us on Friday 24 November, as we bring together business leaders to discuss the opportunities, desired outcomes and necessary trust to scale successfully. 

08:45 Welcome

08:50 Fireside chat

09:10 Discussion:

  • Prospects and limitations for generative AI in business
  • Strategic and financial benefits of generative AI at scale
  • Trust, security and ethics
  • Which opportunities have the greatest potential to deliver value and ROI to your organisation? What creative uses are capturing your interest?
  • How are you planning to manage the people, skills and cultural aspects of gen AI, in addition to implementing the architecture and technology? Who needs to be involved for success?
  • Exploring the challenges? Do organisations have the skills for success? What are the ethics and compliance considerations?
  • Thinking about desired results in the next 12 months, what hurdles will you need to overcome to ensure success?

09:45 Key takeaways and next steps

09:55 Closing remarks

10:00 Close


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