From fog to clarity: Mastering a modern data platform
Transforming Monitoring, Visibility and Governance
Thursday 31 March 2022 │ 18:00-19:30 BST │ Roundtable Discussion
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When an organisation migrates to a modern data platform, they benefit from a myriad of new capabilities and possibilities. As development rapidly expands, a complex and rich ecosystem emerges, but an unexpected consequence can be rising costs, difficulties in maintaining performance levels across the organisation, and impaired visibility and governance.

To make the most of a best-in-class data platform, tech leaders can benefit from little-known insights into how to optimise tasks, free up capacity and troubleshoot issues faster. But the route to optimisation is not always clear.

In this session, we bring together leaders facing these common challenges. Over the course of the evening, we’ll offer up actionable ways to master monitoring and governance and to bring about big business benefits - for both employees and the bottom line.

To support Nimbus Ninety members on their optimisation journey, we are hosting an event on the evening of Thursday 31 March in partnership with Unravel Data and Databricks.

18.00 Join and Introductions

18.15 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

18.20 Optimising a Unified Analytics Data Platform

James Fielder, Lead Data Engineer, Cox Automotive

18.50 Roundtable Discussion

  • Exploring experiences of implementing a new unified analytics data platform 
  • Sharing first-hand accounts from members’ experiences and from technical experts
  • Sign-posting common pitfalls and solutions 
  • Outlining ways to optimise performance, resources and costs
  • Enhancing visibility and introducing a central point of view 
  • Improving governance and accountability 

19.30 Questions and Key Takeaways 


jcf_2022James Fielder is a Manchester based Data Engineer, focused on helping data teams build robust and reliable data platforms while helping bridge the gap between software engineering and data science. As the Lead Data Engineer at Cox Automotive Europe for the data platform he is responsible for maintaining and evolving their Azure Databricks platform and open source data engineering framework Waimak. James is also invested in his local tech community in Manchester, helping to organise both the Lambda Lounge functional programming meetup and Rust Manchester, along with speaking at meetups and on podcasts in the Manchester tech scene.


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This event is for 15 C-level, VPs, Directors, Heads, Senior Managers, and drivers of live projects in Architecture, Data, Engineering, Finance, Infrastructure, IT, ML, Optimization, Risk, Strategy, Technology, Threat Analyst, Transformation.

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