Harnessing a Disruptive Mindset for Maximum Business Impact

Thursday 15 August 2024 │ 13:00-14:00 BST │ Chief Disruptor Forum (Virtual)

What sets disruptors apart from the crowd, and which leadership characteristics spring to mind when considering what it means to have a disruptive mindset? 

In the April 2024 Chief Disruptor Insight poll, we asked members to share their thoughts on the impact of four leadership characteristics associated with disruptors. Interestingly, the results were fairly evenly split across the choices; challenging the status quo, accepting risk, prioritising innovation and embracing change, underlining the importance of all these factors to success. 

But what is the business impact of the disruptive mindset, and how do the characteristics of a disruptive mindset translate into the leadership behaviours that can positively impact business success? 

Join us on 15 August 2024 at our interactive webinar on ‘Harnessing a disruptive mindset for maximum business impact’ to understand more about how to harness the power of a disruptive mindset, and to learn strategies that will translate a disruptive mindset into behaviours that drive business success. 


13:00 Welcome and introduction

13:05  Guest speakers to cover:

  • What do we mean by a disruptive mindset and how does it manifest itself in leadership behaviours?
  • Who are the most successful disruptors today and what can we learn from how they lead?
  • Which characteristics of the disruptive mindset have the most business impact? 
  • What can you do if you have a disruptive mindset but your organisation is a ‘reactive defender’?
  • How should leaders build and sustain a movement for disruption in their organisation? 

13:35 Audience Q&A

13:50 Summary and next steps from the panel

14:00 Close


This is a private event for all members of our community. Membership is free and is open to all those who have a professional or academic interest in business leadership and disruption, or the capability to support our Full Members through their business transformation.