Harnessing Your People to Drive and Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Friday 11 August │ 08.45 - 10.00 │ Virtual Roundtable 

According to the 2023 Disruptive Trends survey, ‘skills shortages’ is the number one internal factor affecting an organisation’s ability to achieve its business objectives in 2023. Whether it is delivering large-scale cloud migrations, driving operational efficiency through automation or experimenting with VR/AR experiences, organisations require a highly skilled workforce. And yet, according to the same survey, ‘investing in people and skills’ has sunk towards the bottom of business goals for 2023. 

So, are people the most overlooked asset in an organisation’s disruption tool kit? And what can be made of the potential of next-generation AI to replace employees? 

It’s clear that more emphasis needs to be placed on upskilling and investing in people, enabling them to deliver your organisation’s ambitious goals. And beyond this, organisations must empower people with a disruptive mindset to become drivers of innovation and experimentation in their own roles. Join us at our latest Chief Disruptor member virtual roundtable event on Friday 11th August to explore and debate this topic in more detail.



08.45 Welcome and introduction

08.50 Fireside chat

09.05 Virtual roundtable discussion

  • How might you best structure teams to maximise collaboration? 
  • What type of leadership style is likely to get the best result from your people? 
  • What are the tools that you can deploy to help free your people from mundane and repetitive tasks, so they can focus on idea creation and problem-solving? 
  • How can you build a culture of innovation and disruption? 
  • Building for the future- given predictions from the 2023 Disruptive Trends Report on future technology priorities, what are the skills likely to be most in demand in 5 years’ time?
  • Exploring creative and cost-effective ways to train and upskill employees

09.50 Key takeaways

10.00 Close


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