IGNITE November 2016: Highlights

Posted by Victoria Arrington | 16-Nov-2016 17:02:47

"The panel discussion and the WIRED presentation were EXCELLENT! Great opportunity for networking through leadership opportunities."

Lloyds Banking

"Very inspirational and thought provoking."

Comic Relief

The Final IGNITE of the Year...

From AstraZeneca to WIRED, IGNITE November 2016 spanned the gamut of case studies, breakthrough insight, and tales of what's to come for your organisation in 2017 and beyond - both good and bad. 

As always, it’s very hard to pick my top moments of IGNITE. But, after much deliberation, here they are (along with a few nods of appreciation from our attendees)...

My IGNITE Top 5 - November 2016 Edition:


"Excellent (again!)"

-Chartered Institute of Marketing 

#1 - Speaker Quotes

"At first we deny the machines do what they can do - it feels weird. But, the next thing you know, it is a part of our lives."

 - David Rowan, Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK 

"If you can't explain your business in 30 seconds, why should anyone else be interested?"

 - Peter Briffett, CEO of YPlan 

"Change is good and managed appropriately, can produce stunning incremental benefit for any business...we are now in one of the most hostile work environments in history, and not everything is as it seems." 

 - Peter Slaughter, COO of The Financial Times 

"How do we navigate the rate of change that is happening all around us? There is no time to get your parachute ready - the market is moving too quickly."

 - John Easton, Distinguished Engineer, IBM 


 #2 - Favourite Slide 

IMG_4954.jpgPeter Briffitt, CEO of YPlan

#3 - The Winners of Our 2017 Digital Trends Survey Contest!

As a thank you for filling out our 2017 Digital Trends Survey at IGNITE, we offered three prizes - A £100 gift voucher to a choice of Selfridges, Amazon, or TicketMaster on day 1, and an Amazon Echo Dot or a Samsung VR headset on Day 2. 

3 lucky winners were chosen, and they are...


Sarah Richardson of CardTronics, who won a £100 voucher!


Nicholas Hall from AXA


Helen King of BMJ

....and there is still another £100 voucher to be won for filling out our survey! To participate, and be entered into the draw, please click here.

#4 - Thing to look forward to...

Converge, the first of our many exclusive members' networking events coming to you in 2017!

Converge image.png

And Finally...

Rowan ScreenShot.png

It doesn't seem right that I should rank something that I worked on, so I won't. However, I will gladly and emphatically recommend that you read David Rowan's answers to the interview I conducted with him - which are without doubt amongst the most insightful of any futurist. To get immediate access to this exclusive interview, please click here to fill out our Digital Trends Survey; or sign up for Converge on 31 January, where this interview will be distributed as a part of our 2017 Digital Trends Report.

To join our community, learn more about 2017 IGNITE summits, or to register your interest in attending Converge or other future Nimbus Ninety activities, please click here.

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