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Posted by Emma Taylor | 02-Aug-2022 10:51:28

Since 2005, Nimbus Ninety has brought together innovators, change-makers, and disruptive thinkers to share expertise, actionable insight and strategies. In that time, we’ve helped our members unravel some of the knottiest disruptive challenges facing organisations today; from disruptive business models and mindsets to the emerging technologies shaping how we live and work. 

Our purpose has always been to cut through the hype and enable our members to leverage these disruptive trends and technologies through our member-led insight reports, content and community activities. This year we’ve taken the bold step of changing the name of the Nimbus Ninety community to Chief Disruptor and we want to share with you the reasons why.

Over the years, we've watched our community of disruptive business and technology leaders grow and evolve and we’ve seen up close the waves of transformational change members have faced. No one could have predicted the tumultuous events of the past two years and the unique challenges that faced our members, so it was a very special moment when we were able to gather together again in person at Chief Disruptor LIVE in May. Everyone was inspired by the incredible examples of resilience and agility as our thought-leader speakers shared their experiences of leading their organisation’s transformations to digital during highly challenging times.

But with ongoing geopolitical unrest and the grim reality of recession on the horizon, organisations now more than ever, need nimble, purposeful leadership that grasps the opportunities created by disruptive trends and technologies and proactively manages the threats. Disruptive leaders believe like us, that disruption is a catalyst for opportunity and our new name, Chief Disruptor, proudly embodies and celebrates that mindset! 

So what else has changed? Our Chief Disruptor community continues to connect senior leaders, boosted by a new calendar of member-led activities, from across industry sectors and remits to collaborate, exchange ideas and disrupt the norm. We’ll still share with you groundbreaking reports and benchmarking surveys such as our first report on the metaverse which will be made available in the coming weeks. But NEW to the Chief Disruptor community from 12 August, we’re launching our podcast, The Chief Disruptor Podcast, that will feature interviews with experts who will share stories from disrupting their industries, to building metaverses. More to come on that very soon!  

So join our community of disruptors, change-makers and innovators from global blue-chip companies, SMEs, and the public sector and drive digital transformation in your business.

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Written by Emma Taylor

Leader of the most dynamic network of disruptive business and technology leaders, Chief Disruptor (Nimbus Ninety)

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