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Tuesday 31 January 2023│ 18:00-21:30 GMT │ The View at The Royal College of Surgeons, London, WC2A 3PE
In partnership with
Google Cloud & Cognizant


A recession is looming and the window for meaningful action on climate action is narrowing. CEOs and Boards want to see a return on tech investment in the form of efficiency savings and the creation of new products and services. To sharpen competitiveness and maintain relevance, new business models must not only be profitable, but also be purposeful, ethical and sustainable. 

How are C-level technology and information leaders navigating these waters? Is a new playbook emerging for demonstrating top-and bottom-line benefits from technology investments? And what new paradigms are developing to balance profitability with purpose? 

Specifically designed for our tech community of C-level leaders, this dinner focuses on answers to these questions gathered through interviews with our community.

We’ll also be joined by Professor Ashley George, President, Tech for Good, who’ll be sharing his unique expertise and perspective on how to address these challenges. 

18:00 Arrival and drinks reception

18:30 Welcome

Emma Taylor, Founder and Managing Director, Chief Disruptor 


18:40 Introductions 

18:50 Insights and reflection on how tech can be a force for good

Professor Ashley George, Founder, Tech for Good 

19:00 Dinner and discussion commences

21:00 Night caps


Discussion points:

  • How do C-level information and technology leaders navigate uncharted territory successfully? 
  • What are the characteristics and leadership principles required to thrive in a new age of uncertainty?
  • How can leaders leverage technology and information to drive purpose and profit? 
  • Is this a moment to slow down or accelerate business transformation initiatives? 
  • Are we in the age of moving at a moderate pace and fixing things? Or does moving fast and breaking things still apply? 
  • What radical and outside the box solutions are the most successful leaders taking? Is there an emerging playbook? 
  • How can leaders balance their responsibilities to be custodians of information, with their responsibilities to turn a profit for shareholders? 
  • How important is data ethics and safety vs. innovation and experimentation in challenging operating environments? 
  • Should profit be king? Increasingly investors and customers are turning their back on businesses that cannot demonstrate a wider societal purpose. Is tech a friend or foe in this debate?
  • How can tech leaders demonstrate top- and bottom-line benefit from technology investments?


Hear from...

Professor Ashley George, President, Tech for Good

Ashley Georg-1Ashley has 23 years comprehensive global leadership & board level experience within multi-site multi-cultural global organisations including Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare, non-profit Alliances and venture capital entrepreneurial funded startups.

He is currently the Founder and President of Tech For Good, a US based, non profit global organisation designed to engage the global population in social responsibility open innovation challenges designed to solve real world problems threatening humanity today. The workstreams and membership aligns to the 17 UN SDGs. He is also a Visiting Professor at University College London, driving the digital transformation agenda.


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