Leveraging Automation to Drive Business Performance

Friday 21 July 2023 | 08.45-10.00 │ Virtual Roundtable 

At the start of the year, our 2023 Disruptive Trends Report identified automation as the technology predicted to have the second-highest disruptive impact on business and operating models in 2023. And as we see today, the spread of automation across organisations, and the deepening of machine capabilities continue to have a transformative impact on business processes, ways of working and customer service. Significantly, this change will likely continue to spread to new parts of organisations.

The competitive advantage achieved through automation is wide and varied from a more accurate measurement of process effectiveness, more data collection, removing silos and pain points, and an ability to demonstrate the need for wider change and, ultimately, improve business performance. And, at a more personal level, automation can free up employees to focus on problem-solving or creative tasks that are not only more rewarding but also more likely to drive value for the business. However, there is often a blurry and bumpy path to maximising the value of automation.

Often organisations fail to link automation roadmaps to broader business objectives, such as ROI. Furthermore, questions about what, when, and how to automate are often initially easy to answer before facing cultural, technical and change management challenges associated with operationalising. Join us to brainstorm, develop and refine your automation roadmap to ensure you achieve your business objectives.


08:45 Welcome and Introductions

08:50 Member Case-Study Presentation

Tom Dalglish, Head of Data Governance and Enablement, NOW TV

09:05 Virtual Roundtable Discussion

  • How are you leveraging automation within your role or organisation?
  • What are the common challenges and risks that threaten to derail your automation initiatives?
  • What are the unique people challenges related to automation? How can leaders solve these?
  • What opportunities have new generative AI tools and foundation models created when it comes to automation in your organisation?

10:00 Close

You'll hear from:

Tommy Dalglish-1-1Tom Dalglish, Head of Data Governance and Enablement, NOW TV

Tom is a highly accomplished CTO/CDO with 25+ years of experience building and deploying global systems. With previous experience across financial services, top-tier investment banking and consulting, Tom is an internationally recognised technologist in enterprise data, innovation, automation, databases, big data strategies & architecture. At NOW TV, Tom brings together his solid end-to-end knowledge of computing with a core skillset in data, architecture, compute engines and system delivery. Besides his work in business and technology, Tom loves jazz music, skiing and DIY.



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