Mastering Secure Multi-Cloud Strategies For Resilience, Compliance and Flexibility

Friday 13 September 2024 │ 08:45-10:00 BST │ Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club (virtual)
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The past two decades have seen cloud models and adoption trends continually shift and evolve, and today cloud is regarded as fundamental to competitive advantage. But the days of the single cloud provider approach have long since passed, and organisations are more likely to embrace a multi-cloud approach that enables them to access specific capabilities and to drive business resilience, availability and flexibility. 

Although the official definition of multi-cloud describes it as organisations that use cloud computing cloud services from at least two providers, increasingly, this number is much higher, creating complexity that can prevent organisations from realising the benefits of a multi-cloud approach. Crucially, as organisations continue to expand at the edge virtually, they must consider how to best manage these multiple cloud platforms securely. Join us on Friday 13 September 2024 for the “Mastering multi-cloud strategies for resilience, security and flexibility” Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club, where you will learn how to build on your existing capabilities and infrastructure and develop a roadmap that enables a secure, resilient and flexible multi-cloud environment.  

You will learn how to: 

  •  Understand the latest trends in the evolving cloud landscape and why so many organisations are embracing multi-cloud
  •  Optimise your existing tools, systems and processes to securely leverage the benefits of multi-cloud
  •  Understand how to manage data and workflows across a distributed infrastructure 
    and geographical jurisdictions 
  • Get to grips with compliance and regulatory requirements across a diverse set of cloud environments
  • Mitigate against complexity and simplify your cloud architecture
  • Improve interoperability with on-prem and across cloud service providers
  • Achieve seamless integration and efficient data exchange between environments
  • Balance flexibility and control 


08:45 Welcome from Emma Taylor, Founder, Chief Disruptor

08:50 Fireside chat 

  • What are the latest multi-cloud trends you are seeing?
  • What security challenges are organisations facing and why?
  • How does a multi-cloud approach improve cloud security, resilience and flexibility?
  • What are the data sovereignty, privacy and regulatory compliance standards that organisations must adhere to? 

09:05 Discussion

  • What does multi-cloud look like in your organisation? What was the business imperative for this approach?
  • What security challenges have you faced when trying to manage multiple cloud providers?
  • What obstacles are preventing you from realising the full benefits of multi-cloud?
  • How are you addressing requirements across diverse geographic regions to ensure data sovereignty, privacy and other regulatory compliance standards are met?
  • How would you develop a roadmap that builds on your existing tools, systems and processes to deliver secure multi-cloud optimisation? 

09:45 Key takeaways and next steps

10:00 Close


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