Paths for Future-Ready Businesses 

Unlocking ESG Strategies to Turn a Crisis into an Opportunity

Wednesday 19 April 2023│ 18:00-21:30 BSTSearcys, The Gherkin, 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BF   
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Specifically designed for our tech community of C-level leaders, our series of dinners address the burning questions and undeniable challenges of our age. In the third of the series, we discuss how leaders can place ESG at the core of their business to future-proof their legacy and strengthen their growth.

As economic realities bite, organisations across industries face considerable challenges as they weather a series of socio-economic storms. In times like these, every single penny impacts the bottom line. Does this make it the wrong time or the right time to focus on ESG?

Forward-thinking leaders can utilise this turbulent and uncertain period to challenge and reinvent business norms. To remain distinctive in the market, relevant and long-lasting, ‘profit’ must be viewed through the lens of environmental and social impact alongside financial performance.

Are business leaders seriously jeopardising the legacy of their business for short-term gain? How can business leaders achieve their ESG commitments cost-effectively? What pathways and dependencies enable businesses to grow and not simply defend in ESG? And given the current macroeconomic environment, where are the successes for us to learn from?

Join us as we debate the urgency of ESG commitments in the current socio-economic crisis, the role of technology leaders in realising change and the opportunity for sustainable growth.


18:00 Drinks reception 

18:45 Sit for dinner

18:55 Trends in times of economic uncertainty 

Dr Xuxin Mao, Principal Economist, National Institute of Economic and Social Research  

19:10 Dinner commences, and discussion under Chatham House Rule

Talking points:

  • Given the current socio-economic environment, is it the wrong or the right time to invest in ESG strategies?
  • What urgent reinventions are required to thrive through times of economic uncertainty?
  • To what extent do business leaders acknowledge and understand ESG business cases? What is the ESG opportunity?
  • What are the key components of a sustainable technology strategy for commercial longevity and leadership and legacy?
  • How can the IT team better enable sustainable growth? 

21:30 Close of dinner

Hear from...

Xuxin MaoDr Xuxin Mao, Principal Economist, National Institute of Economic and Social Research 

Dr Xuxin Mao is Principal Economist of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, producing the institute’s flagship global economic outlooks and leading research projects on alternative data analytics and economic modelling and forecasting.  In addition, Xuxin also assumes the roles of Research Associate at Economic Statistics Excellence Centre of Excellence, Office for National Statistics, and Member at the Centre for Macroeconomics, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).  Previously, Xuxin has studied economics, finance and mathematics in China, Denmark, France, Germany, and UK, and worked across industries and countries as UNHCR volunteer, UCL lecturer, certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), investment banker, startuper, and Big Data forecaster. His research has been funded by ESRC, EPSRC, etc., featured in the Times, the Telegraphthe Guardian, BBC, Xinhua, etc., and published in leading journals like Nature series. 



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