Data, Ethics and the Community

Tuesday 17 January │ 18:00-21:30 GMT │ Central London 
In partnership with
Google Cloud & Cognizant-1

In partnership with Cognizant & Google Cloud, we are delighted to be launching a series of networking dinners to bring together a community of CIOs to ask the burning questions and tackle the undeniable challenges of our age. In the first in the series, we explore the business benefits of data ethics.

We are in the midst of a worldwide data revolution. Data is becoming democratised and customers are increasingly calling for a 360-view of their data and full control over it. In this new reality, Chief Information Officers who drive and embed an ethos of data ethics are the ones
winning and keeping customers for their business.

The business benefits of data ethics are clear. Yet, with so many high-profile data leaks and breaches in recent years, it is also clear that maintaining robust data governance in a fast-paced business remains an ever-changing challenge.

To rise to the challenge, CIOs must bridge the gap between business and data by inspiring an ethos of data ethics at every level of their business. But as CIOs set out a new approach to data ethics, questions and conundrums continuously arise.

Our roundtable discussion and dinner will bring CIOs together to hear from a leading expert in data, ethics and community, who will challenge their thinking and provide a fresh perspective on how to drive a data ethics strategy that realises real business benefit.

Over the course of the evening, discussions under Chatham House rule will cover:

  • The latest trends in data ethics and how they relate to consumer habits, culture and society
  • The common ethical challenges CIOs encounter and how to overcome them
  • Pro-innovation approaches to data governance and how to prepare for the next disruption

18:00 Arrival and drinks reception

18:30 Sit for dinner and welcome from Cognizant

18:40 Tech for positive change
Professor Ashley George, President, Tech for Good

19:00 Dinner commences

21:00 Night caps and carriages


Hear from...

Professor Ashley George, President, Tech for Good

Ashley Georg-1Ashley has 23 years comprehensive global leadership & Board level experience within multi-site multi-cultural global organisations including Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Healthcare, non-profit Alliances and venture capital entrepreneurial funded startups.
He is currently the Founder and President of Tech For Good, a US based, non profit global organisation designed to engage the global population in social responsibility open innovation challenges designed to solve real world problems threatening humanity today. The workstreams and membership aligns to the 17 UN SDGs.

He is also a Visiting Professor at University College London, driving the digital transformation agenda.



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This event is for CIOs and equivalents.