Transforming Business Values Such as ESG to Ensure Delivery on Both Profit and Purpose

Friday 17 May 2024 │ 08:45-10.00 BST │ Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club (Virtual)

The rise in the significance of business values was a key trend for organisations in 2023 and is set to grow in prominence in 2024. While profit was once the only measure of an organisation’s success, there has been a shift toward increased corporate social responsibility, with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics widely seen as a benchmark for success. Bodies such as the United Nations, as well as governments and regulators across the world, expect businesses to play an active role and take responsibility for social good. As such, issues such as sustainability and ethical investment are now placed firmly on the corporate agenda.

Business values matter to consumers and your existing and future employees, and the issue of trust has become a huge talking point, particularly in light of developments in AI. Ethical businesses build trust by following fair and transparent business practices in all dealings with employees, customers, and the supply chain. Business ethics and public image go hand in hand and organisations must be sure that any claims of sustainable or ethical credentials are credible, or they face accusations of ‘greenwashing’ or worse, deception. So much so that corporate integrity has been described as the new business currency and many believe that it is becoming impossible to have profit without purpose.  

How do you put that purpose into practice and avoid misalignment between what an organisation promises and its actions? What can leaders do to embody business values and integrity? 

Join us at our ‘Transforming Business Values Such as ESG to Ensure Delivery on Both Profit and Purpose’ Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club on Friday 17 May to brainstorm leadership strategies that will enable you to balance profit and purpose. 



08:45 Welcome and introductions

08:50 Fireside chat

  • Exploring the evidence demonstrating higher employee engagement levels, customer loyalty, and revenue growth in organisations with a strong purpose
  • The importance of linking business purpose to business strategy
  • How do organisations avoid misalignment between what the organisation promises and its actions?
  • How do you become an organisation that balances purpose and profit?
  • Exploring the role of KPIs and targets in enabling the pursuit of both purpose and profit

09:05 Virtual roundtable discussion

  • What business values does your organisation stand for? 
  • How well understood are these by employees, customers, and stakeholders? 
  • How well integrated are they into your business strategy?
  • What can leaders do to embody purpose and integrity?
  • What are the KPIs you could deploy to enable purpose and profit?

09:45 Next steps and key takeaways 

10:00 Close


This is a private event for Full Members of our community. Membership is free and is open to all those who have a professional or academic interest in business leadership and disruption, or the capability to support our Full Members through their business transformation.