Unlock the Full Potential of your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Wednesday 21 February 2024 │ 18:00-21:30 GMT │ Fortnum & Mason Tasting Room, 181 Piccadilly, St. James's, London W1A 1ER
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The cloud operating model has undergone a dramatic transformation since the launch of the Chief Disruptor’s first business community, the Cloud Circle, back in 2009. And since those earliest iterations of the cloud, the business landscape has also experienced extensive change. Leaders today face a highly complex and volatile operating environment, with constantly changing customer and business needs and rapidly evolving technology. Organisations need to be able to compete on a global scale, to be agile, to innovate, and, most importantly, to manage their costs effectively. 

Faced with these multiple challenges, the majority of organisations have adopted a hybrid multi-cloud approach; either as a strategic decision to leverage the best capabilities and unique specialised services from each provider to achieve business goals or as a tactical response to a business requirement or challenge. There are a number of powerful potential benefits to this approach. Multi-cloud environments offer flexibility, scalability, elasticity, resilience, cost optimisation, and readiness for future innovation.

Although the benefits are clear, multi-cloud strategies require detailed planning to achieve their full potential. Not every application, especially those of long legacy naturally shifts to a cloud environment. There are also genuine concerns about the unpredictability and ongoing management of cloud costs with some enterprises already adopting repatriation. 

Whether you have arrived in multi-cloud thought necessity or by strategic design, join us on Wednesday 21 February at our dinner on Unlocking the Full Potential of your Multi-Cloud Strategy to brainstorm strategies that will help you to:

  • Align your multi-cloud strategy to your business strategy
  • Mitigate against complexity and simplify your cloud architecture 
  • Manage cost and optimise performance
  • Understand the regulatory compliance landscape and the implications of the EU Data Act
  • Improve interoperability with on-prem and across cloud service providers
  • Achieve seamless integration and efficient data exchange between environments 


18:00   Registration and drinks reception

18:50   Welcome from Emma Taylor, Founder, Chief Disruptor

18:55   Scene setter and overview

  • Exploring the evolution of cloud and how got to where we are now
  • What are the fundamentals of a multi-cloud strategy?
  • Strategic or tactical…? It’s a multi-cloud future so what do you need to be successful 
  • Exploring the implications of the EU Data Act

19:10   Case study 

19:20   Discussion questions

  • What is your current cloud operating model and what directed this strategy?
  • How do you make sure that your cloud strategy stays aligned with your future business needs? eg. adoption of AI and other new technologies 
  • Are your cloud costing estimates as first predicted? 
  • What are the greatest challenges preventing you from unlocking the full potential of multi-cloud?  (eg. security, cost, performance, legacy infrastructure / applications)
  • Interoperability and Integration are the cornerstones of a robust architecture. What is in your toolkit to ensure these are prioritised whilst meeting the business challenge?
  • How are you addressing requirements across diverse geographic regions to ensure data sovereignty, privacy, and other regulatory compliance standards are met? 
  • How important is organisational readiness in the effective implementation, management, and optimisation of multi-cloud?

20:45   Key takeaways and next steps

21:00   Closing remarks and further networking

21:30   Close


Jon TownsendJon Townsend, Chief Information Officer, National Trust

Jon Townsend is a leader in technology and is the Chief Information Officer for the National Trust, where he was previously the CTO and CISO. He holds an MBA with the Open University and an MSc with Cranfield University in the Design of Information Systems. He previously held a commission as an Officer in the British Army, fulfilling a variety of technical and leadership roles culminating in Regimental command. Upon leaving the military he became a Senior Civil Servant in the UK Central Government responsible for developing cyber security and intelligence capability for the Department for Work and Pensions. He is also a Certified Data Protection Practitioner with the British Computer Society, a Certified Information Security Manager with ISACA and GIAC Certified Enterprise Defender with SANS.


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