Unlocking ROI from Technologies driving Transformation and Innovation  

Friday 7 June 2024 │ 08:45 - 10:00 BST │ Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club (virtual)

Technology has revolutionised the way we live and work. From the way organisations communicate and collaborate to how they process and analyse data, and how they interact with customers. Technology also plays a vital role in driving business transformation and innovation. Indeed when Chief Disruptor asked members to share their top priorities for investing in technology in the 2024 Disruptive Trends Survey, the top rated responses were; ‘to automate processes and so improve efficiencies and lower costs’, ‘to improve the customer experience’, ‘to gain greater insights from data’ and ‘to drive business transformation’.

So what are the technologies at the forefront of enabling innovation and transformation? Interestingly, the 2024 Disruptive Trends Survey also revealed that members will be increasing spend on generative AI and AI, data analytics, cloud, automation and machine learning this year. However gaining ROI from technology investments is notoriously difficult and complex to achieve. The sheer scale, scope and reach of these technologies extends beyond traditional software updates to every aspect of the business including customer experience, operational process changes, application enhancements and infrastructure adaptations. 

The same survey also identifies a number of reasons why organisations struggle to get ROI from their technology investments. These include; ‘lack of alignment with existing culture and processes’ and ‘failure to integrate with existing/legacy technologies’. Join us on Friday 7 June 2024 at the Chief Disruptor Breakfast Club, Unlocking ROI from technologies driving transformation and innovation’, to tackle these challenges and more, and to help you unlock ROI from your technology investments.


08:45 Welcome and introduction

08:50 Fireside chat

  • Which disruptive technologies should be in your toolkit and why?
  • The importance of alignment with vision and business strategy for success
  • How do you ensure that technology investments are well aligned with existing culture and processes
  • Tips and strategies to integrate with existing or legacy technology and systems
  • How do you ensure buy-in and engagement from teams for new technologies
  • How to best measure and evaluate progress
  • What timescales are appropriate to see ROI for different technologies? 
  • What are the different metrics to consider for different technologies?

09:05 Virtual roundtable discussion

  • Which technologies will have the greatest impact on business transformation and innovation in your organisation? 
  • Where are you currently seeing the best ROI? Where are you struggling to get ROI?
  • What are the reasons why you are struggling to gain ROI? 
  • In terms of leadership skills and capabilities, what can leaders do differently to enable ROI?
  • How do you integrate with existing legacy systems?
  • How do you foster cross functional accountability?


This is a private event for members of our community. Membership is free and is open to all those who have a professional or academic interest in business leadership and disruption, or the capability to support our Full Members through their business transformation.