Designing online journeys that delight customers and detect fraudsters
Thursday 10 March 2022 │ 18:00-19:30 GMT │ Virtual wine tasting
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The pace and rate of online shopping continues to increase - so too does the risk of fraud. To win in the digital economy, businesses want to both delight and protect online shoppers. But how can retailers achieve real-time fraud prevention without hindering the digital experience of trustworthy customers?

From bot attacks to account takeovers to new account fraud, the secret to effective fraud prevention is faster detection. Without it, businesses start to feel the pain on the bottom-line - as fraudulent transactions can result in losses three times higher than the original amount.

Join us as we bring customer experience professionals together with fraud and risk leaders to uncover simple but smarter ways to detect anomalous activity in real-time, without compromising the customer experience.

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18.05 Welcome from Nimbus Ninety

18.10 Wine tasting introduction

18.20 Designing online journeys that delight customers and detect fraudsters

 Bastian Krebs, Senior Solutions Architect, Ping Identity 

18.30 Wine tasting

18.40 Live poll

18.45 Wine tasting

18.50 Roundtable discussion

  • What impact has the rapid shift to digital experiences over the past two years had on your customer-facing digital channels? 
  • How have your organisations evolved your online fraud strategy based on these forces? 
    • What successes has your organisation achieved in evolving your strategy?
    • What has challenged your organisation in evolving your strategy?
  • What type of fraud do you see emerging as the biggest threat? How has your organisation taken into account customer experience when detecting and preventing online fraud?
  • What are the primary metrics your organisation monitors to determine the effectiveness of your approach to detecting and preventing online fraud?
  • What do you think will be the biggest challenges in detecting and preventing fraud in the future as attacks continue to become more sophisticated?

19.25 Closing remarks


Bastian Krebs (2)-1After starting his IT career in 2004, Bastian moved to the Identity and Access Management space in 2014, continuing to navigate in the same space since then. Bastian prides himself on enabling customers to realise their vision - creating customer journeys and delivering unique and extraordinary experiences their customers are going to love.



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